Western Kansas Zoo Animal Beaten, Euthanized

(AP) — A roadrunner at Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City has been euthanized after an apparent beating.Lee Richardson zoo

A visitor reported that something was wrong with one of the birds in the aviary on June 26. General curator and deputy director Kristi Newland said the roadrunner was then transported to the zoo’s vet clinic.

Newland discussed what happened in a column published Friday. She said staff determined that bird needed to be euthanized because of “malicious trauma suspected to be from a member of the public.”

Garden City Police Department Capt. Michael Reagle says it appears the bird, named Elmer, was kicked or stomped on, or something was used to beat it.

Reagle says no suspects have been identified.

  • the truth

    If only the same would happen to them

  • inkslinger

    what is wrong with society today ?

  • Beau Gentry

    Does anyone suspect Wylie Coyote?