Police Investigating Criminal Damage at TMP-Marian

Police are investigating a report of criminal damage to property from last week that occurred in the 1700 block of Hall Street in Hays on the campus of TMP-Marian.

The Hall Street sign on the TMP-Marian campus.

The Hall Street sign on the TMP-Marian campus.

According to Lt. Ron Rounkles, Items were reportedly stolen and the investigation is still active. Jeff Brull, TMP-Marian Advancement Director told Hays Post, “We had some vandalism to the brick sign along Hall Street. Nearly half the letters were stolen from the Hall Street sign that was a gift from the class of 1953. As a result, we have removed all the letters from the sign until we can repair it.”

  • inkslinger

    lets see how many times did TMP steal the HHS totem pole, and how many times did HHS steal TMP liberty bell?

    • uncle thomas

      INK which side of the rivalry were you on?

      • inkslinger

        the best side

  • Maybe

    If it was during the school year, like during football or basketball season, I could understand the fun intentions, illegal and expensive as they are. It’s the middle of summer though…save the antics for when people are able to appreciate the mischief.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is some drunk walking up Hall Street rather than school rivalry.

  • http://device GARY

    how in the hell can anybody steal letters from the sign when it is real close to the street and not get caught you think there would be people out driving around and would see somebody doing this SMH

  • PrincessOfHays

    Wasn’t there just a recent occurance of vandalism/theft at HHS?

    It’s school rivalry.

    That’s all.

    Why are the pigs involved?

  • John

    It was wrong anyway. It needs to be updated to “Thomas More Prep Marian Junior-Senior High.” Thank you, thoughtless vandalizers, for expediting the process. .