Rural Water Line Damaged, Repairs Underway UPDATE

 6: 55 p.m. Hays Post has confirmed with John Maeder, the maintenance director for Water District 1C, and he said the water line repair is complete and Water District 1C is back to normal for the weekend.


1: 12 p.m.  The main water line for Ellis County Rural Water District 1C, that services the Anotonino and Yocemento Road regions of Ellis County has been accidentally cut. The water has been shut off in an attempt to make repairs. Residents in the Antonino

Antonino and areas west will be impacted by this water line is repaired.

Antonino and areas west will be impacted until the water line is repaired.

area, south and west of Hays will not have water until it is fixed.  John Maeder, the maintenance director for the district 1C, told Hays Post a contractor cut the line and there is no estimate on when service will be restored.

  • BB

    Where is Dig Safe? That would of not have happen if someone did his home work. Hope he pays for this one.

    • person who fixed line

      They aren’t listed with dig safe. They said its too expensive.

  • contractor

    U are correct they probably are not listed, just like the city of hays isn’t. But it is up to the contractor to make phone calls to other services possibly in the area to have them locate for you!

    • Hays

      Do your homework. The majority of the water lines in rural water district 1C can’t be located because the rural water district didn’t due their due diligence in mapping their lines! This has been an issue for contractors for years; not sure why this one made it into the “news”.