Kansas boy burned in game with gasoline, matches

AP) — A Wichita boy was spending the Fourth of July recovering from burns caused not by fireworks but a game involving matches.Emergency 001

Authorities say the 8-year-old boy initially told officers Wednesday night he was burned when stray fireworks hit a can containing a flammable liquid. When no fireworks could be found, police say, the boy admitted he was lying.

Relatives say the boy was lighting sticks on fire when a couple of them fell into a can of gasoline. The adults said the boy and other children were mimicking a video game that involves torches.

The boy was burned on his lower body. He was in fair condition Thursday at a hospital.


  • alright…

    There is a reason why a game has a rating of (M)ature. Some children are able to handle this type of act in a video game and not reproduce it. Others are not able to, they should be more mature before getting a game that is “Mature”.