Judge Delays Prison Sentence for Western Kansas Man

(AP) — A federal judge has given a former employee of the Garden City prosecutor’s office a few extra weeks of freedom before he goes to prison for theft.courts-gavel

U.S. District Judge Monti Belot granted an unopposed defense request this week to stay the 16-month sentence of Pedro A. Castro until July 26. His attorney made the request so Castro could sign documents at the closing for the sale of his home.

Castro had been scheduled to report Tuesday to a federal prison in Mississippi.

His sentence also includes an order to pay nearly $52,000 in restitution.

Castro worked as a diversion coordinator for the Garden City prosecutor’s office from 2009 to 2012. In his plea deal, he admitted stealing diversion funds during his employment.

  • Dougie

    $52,000 That will never get paid but he can go buy a house….

    • passin threw

      um it says he is closing on the SALE of his house. perhaps to pay the restitution? some people are such negative nancy’s all the time

      • Dougie

        You are correct. Forgive me as I misread. If this would have been the purchasing of a home everyone should have been upset. Not trying to be negative.

  • Fools Abound

    Are you kidding me? Who else gets a stay before going to prison so they can sell their house and get their finances in order. REALLY??? Seems to me he is getting special treatment I GUARANTEE the County Attorney and Judges have not afforded anyone else in this jurisdiction this privaledge. This guy should have gone to jail, on the day he was sentenced like EVERYONE ELSE!!!

    • Wondering

      Special treatment… I really hate it when people comment on something they have no idea about.

    • ?Fools Abound

      Did you read the article? Reread the first line — not county attorney or judge — this is federal