Joseph Kitzman

Steven Joseph Schmidt   Address: Hays   Age: 22   Charges: 21-5706(b)(3) Possession of hallucinogenic drugPossession of Drug Paraphernalia
Amy Jo Rupp   Address: Ellis, KS   Age: 48   Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear
Andrew Sanchez Cervantes   Address: Hays   Age: 29   Charges: 21-5413(b) Aggravated battery; Unknown circumstance
Charles Dean Mitchell   Address: Hays   Age: 58   Charges: 21-5924(a)(1)(b1) Violate protection order; Abuse order per KSA 60-3105, 60-3106, 60-3107
Gary Allen Murphy   Address: Hays   Age: 50   Charges: 21-5924(a)(4)(b1) Violate protection order; Condition of pre-trial orders
Joseph Michael Kitzman   Address: Hays   Age: 22   Charges: 21-5705(a4)(d5)(C) Distribute certain hallucinogenic; 100 grams - < 1 kilogram in 1000 ft school: STATPossession of Drug Paraphernalia
Megan Rose Tibke   Address: Phillipsburg, KS   Age: 23   Charges: 21-5801(a)(1) Theft of prop/services; Misdemeanor
Michael Lejon Hawkins   Address: Hays   Age: 24   Charges: 21-5924(a)(4)(b2) Violate protection order; Condition of extended pre-trial orders