Ellis County Arrest Log 6/24/2013 to 6/26/2013


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  • Uncle Thomas

    No one was booked for water violations?

    • Nick

      Did you know that one farmer in Ellis county uses more water on two irrigated circles than the entire city of Hays?

      • Uncle Thomas

        How many gallons or cf ?

        • Hays

          If I remember correctly, the stats from the City said that 20% of the residents of Hays use 80% of the water. The majority of residents use under 8,000 cf per month, and the highest user consumed 121,000 cf in one month. I was under the impression this was City stats, though, not rural or Ellis County. I could be mistaken.

      • Calling B.S.

        Please tell me how much water the entire City of Hays uses on a given summer day…

        • Uncle Thomas

          The lad obviously has a very creative imagination.

          • Calling B.S.

            And Uncle Tom has no sources to back up his made up facts!

        • Uncle Thomas

          Calling B.S. on Mr. B.S…
          That would be impossible!

          • Calling B.S.

            Haha… Thanks for answering the simple question instead of deflecting. Just wanted to know how much water The City uses compared to a farmer irrigating. Put some numbers next to your words!!

          • Uncle Thomas

            Your question is vague, ambiguous and overly broad in nature one can not answer as worded! Furthermore I did not state I could quantify the usage that was “Nick”. So not only is your question illogical, but your level of reading comprehension is less the mediocre as well.
            If you need me to further explain myself regarding the nature of your question I will. It is items like this I typically ignore, but will further clarify if you so choose.

    • hays sucks

      Lol. !! Luv u Uncle Thomas.!! I’m quickly becoming an Uncle Thomas groupie.!!!

  • Mary

    Don’t smoke and drink unless you want to look like you are 70 when you are only 48.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Isn’t that a tragedy…terrible what alcohol can do to a person.

      • Moderation is like the Antonino.. I know where it is, but rarely stop there

        Alcohol is a very addictive and powerful substance and weak minded people who abuse it sure cause a lot of trouble, but in moderation it sure is a good time!

        • Close

          Addictive and powerful, that’s why the weak and strong minded alike can develop problems.

  • DawgWitaBlog

    Looks like Loves will be hiring pretty soon over there in Ellis…just ask that Kitzman guy.

  • chris

    prison sex gary again lol

  • MamaS

    Joey & Steven, LOVE you boys to death, but someone needs to beat your a**es!!!