Two Shoplifters Arrested

On Tuesday afternoon, Hays Police officers were called to Walmart for shoplifters fleeing from the business. Two females and two males were in the store together. One female blocked the view of others while the other female placed merchandise into her purse. When Walmart staff attempted to stop the females they ran back into the store and out the north doors.

Officers were able to locate all four individuals. One male was determined to not be involved in the theft and was identified only. The two females, who were identified as 21 year old Mariah Plankinton from Allen, KS and 27 year old Lona Poole from Kingsport, Tennessee, were arrested for theft and obstruction. The other male, who was identified as 25 year old Christopher Eagen from Topeka, was arrested for felony obstruction.

Originally Eagen gave false information about his identity and was later identified from his finger prints. Christopher Eagen was wanted out of in Lyons County, KS for escape from custody.

  • BB

    Good Job H.P. Need to catch a few more.

  • Good work.

    Also, good work to the Walmart loss prevention!

  • Afama

    Walmart and the HPD catch plenty of these. Their on the records every week. Not sure why these saps merited a headline.

    • Fools Abound

      Probably because the male was wanted for escaping custody after breaking out of jail.

  • http://hayspost Just a guy

    In my opinion anyone who steals from Walmart is not very bright. Walmart has a loss prevention department with cameras covering nearly every inch of the place. Stupid and/or desperate to steal from Walmart.