Kansas teen being questioned in father’s killing UPDATE

Thursday 3 p.m. Update    (AP) — A 14-year-old northeast Kansas boy is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his father during a custody exchange with the man’s ex-wife.

The teen was charged in the juvenile division of Johnson County District Court on Wednesday, one day after the shooting outside a business in Shawnee.

Police and prosecutors have not commented on a possible motive. The boy’s appointed attorney declined to comment while he continued gathering information.

Authorities have said the boy’s mother and stepfather brought him to the business Tuesday afternoon to exchange custody with the 46-year-old father. Investigators say the boy approached his father’s car and shot him with a handgun.

The Associated Press is not naming the father because of the boy’s age.



(AP) — Police in a northeast Kansas community have detained a 14-year-old boy after the fatal shooting of his father.arrest

The shooting occurred around 3 p.m. Tuesday during a custody exchange in the Johnson County community of Shawnee.

Police said the boy’s mother and stepfather had taken him to a business in rural Shawnee to exchange custody with the mother’s ex-husband.

Investigators believe the boy walked over to a car where his father was waiting and shot him with a handgun. The mother and stepfather were inside the building at the time.

The father’s name has not been released. Police say they have no other suspects and don’t yet know a possible motive.

  • Just my 2 cents….

    Sad-mom must have really talked some serious trash about her ex around this boy.

    • Hays

      Right, because there is no other possible justification for this boy’s actions. Let’s just blame Mom and call it a day, maybe take the little guy to get a popsicle or ice cream to make him feel all better.

  • wow

    That sounds like homicide to me.

  • inkslinger

    sounds like the father was a bad guy, and the kid didnt want to be around him so what better way than to shoot him

  • chris

    dad probably didn’t have an Xbox or Wii but mom and step dad does.

  • Fools Abound

    It sounds to me like a maybe this kid was being forced to visit a father that was likely abusive in some way. A 14 year old kid is not going to shoot their father in broad daylight, if they have not been injured by that person in some way. Kids don’t just wake up one day and say ” hey I’m gonna go shoot my dad today “. I wish this country would wake up and see through a little bit of the story. If Mom wasn’t afraid of her ex-husband, why would she be doing a custody exchange in public instead of at her home? In my years of experience as a polie officer and victim advocate, most public custody exchanges are only done because the other parent is so abusive, they have forced the courts to allow visitation and forced the other parent to safety plan for exchange of custody. Believe me, I have seen children BEGGING not to have to go to a parents house and a judge knowing that parent is abusive, but still order visitation. I wish this country would see what domestic violence and child abuse is doing to our children. This boy probably felt he had no other choice, if this isn’t the case, then I will be surprised. very FEW children at 14 are psychotic for no reason…

    • Quixote

      Without them giving a motive or a lot of details, thought it was pretty obvious that this should be the first assumption. People pretend this kind of stuff doesn’t happen.

  • weeden

    Well there seems to be some missing information in this incident.

  • SICK

    Having an abusive ex myself, I know just how scary they can be. I did not have to talk trash about him for my 9-year old to see that abuse. He physically abused me right in front of him. Not to mention how scared my son is now that this man, who is this child’s biological father, has picked him up and threw him across the room. He’s terrified of his dad and regardless of a court order saying that I must send my son with him, I WILL NOT!!! I am his mother and I will protect him from anything, INCLUDING his own father!