Kansas Teacher Who Brought Gun to School Fired

A Wichita teacher facing misdemeanor charges for carrying a concealed handgun on school premises has now been fired.Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 4.32.10 PM

Thirty one-year-old Daniel C. Nagel was arrested May 20 at White Elementary in Wichita on suspicion of carrying a concealed gun on school property.  Nagel haf been on paid administrative leave.

His first appearance in Municipal Court is July 8.

Nagel’s lawyer Nicholas Means says Nagel has a state-issued concealed-carry permit.

Current state law, however, prevents anyone other than law enforcement officers from carrying a gun into a school if a sign banning guns is conspicuously posted.

The state Legislature passed a law this year that allows school districts to designate an employee to carry a gun. But the Wichita district hasn’t addressed the issue.