Man considers challenging Roberts for Senate seat

(AP) — A Manhattan man says he’s considering a run against Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts.Eastabrook

Aaron Estabrook, a western Kansas native, says he is forming an exploratory committee to look into running against Roberts, who’s up for re-election in 2014.

Estabrook, an Army veteran, works at the Salvation Army as a case manager for homeless veterans in northern Kansas. He says he’d run under the banner of the “Moderate Party of Kansas,” a political action committee he co-founded last year. He ran unsuccessfully for the Kansas House as a Democrat last year.

Roberts spokeswoman Sarah Little says Roberts doesn’t take any election for granted “and will continue to fight for Kansans each and every day whomever his opponent may be.” Roberts is a Marine Corps veteran.


  • Ruserious

    I respect sen. Roberts marine service to be sure. Bet lets get some young blood in his spot. Not a lifer who follows along his party lines.

    • Soo right!

      Do it lets get that lifer do nothing out of office,

  • Matt

    I laffed.

  • Please

    I support anyone who can identify as a moderate. Time to start crossing the aisle and avoid the extreme left/right ineffective ways of governing.