Former Presidential Candidates Coming to Hays

Rick Santorum and Howard Dean

Rick Santorum and Howard Dean

Fort Hays State University is bringing an exciting new lecture series to Hays. The Keith Sebelius Lecture Series, named for the FHSU

Karl Rove

Karl Rove

graduate and Kansas First District Congressman, will begin this fall.

The first lecture, set for November 4, at the Beach Schmidt Performing Arts Center, will actually be a debate between a pair of former presidential candidates on “The Proper Role of Government in a Free Society.” Former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum and Former Governor of Vermont and past chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Howard Dean will offer a bi-partisan look at what we can expect from the next few years of the Obama administration. From the economy to healthcare, Santorum and Dean provide a rousing debate on a wide variety of issues concerning Americans today.

In February, Karl Rove, the iconic political strategist, whose provocative and robust knowledge of the major political issues of the day have made him one of the most sought-after political pundits of our time is the featured speaker. Rove the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff will offer insightful analysis and predictions about the heated debates today in Washington, DC, the nation’s political course, and the bigger challenges America faces.

The lectures will be a separate package from the annual Encore Series of events. Vincent Bowhay, Assistant Director Memorial Union–Special Events and Student Activities told Hays Post, “In addition to the lectures, the first 200 patrons contributing $100-$150 to the lecture series will also be invited to attend a luncheon with Howard Dean in November and with Rove in February.

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  • Just my 2 cents….

    Oh, I thought you were describing Obama……

    • Frank

      No, that’s the ACTUAL definition of santorum. Look it up!

  • Frank

    Pretty good ‘get’ for Hays. Even tho 2 of them are total asshats. You guess which two.

    • Citizen

      Obviously Howard Dean is at the top of that list.

      • Richard D

        I don’t know Frank. Who are they?

        • Frank

          Hint: One of them failed to earn the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential election. The other one FAILED at his job to elect the 2012 presidential Republican nominee. If you couldn’t figure that out, it’s no wonder you all keep losing presidential elections! Keep on living in the dark ages, while Dems continue to own the White House.

  • Richard D

    It’s true. I looked it up. The feces is provided by Rove. He just puts his finger in and stirs. That’s how potent he is.

  • Richard D

    Rove and Santorum is not a “get!” Rove and Santorum are slowly slipping under their rocks until the next opportunity to screw America presents itself!!!! FHSU should be ashamed of themselves. We’re already being punished with Brownback. Shame on FHSU for giving them another platform to spread their hate as they sliver their way to the rocks they live under.

  • Toby Prine

    I wonder why Hays Post doesn’t enforce it’s established rules for posts; “Be Respectful”, “Do not use obscene, profane, or vulgar language”. All the comments are opinion and you’re certainly entitled, but the lack of civility by posters is disheartening.

  • Terrible

    Santorom and Rove are notorious liars. FHSU by invitation are paying these gentlemen to the spread their lies. Rove’s normal speaking fee is $25,000. Santorum spoke at Grosse Pointe South in Michigan on April 24, 2013 where $18,000 was raised for Santorum to speak. Media coverage of this event will never question the lies told by Santorum and Rove. It is so terribly wrong.

    • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

      All politicians are notorious liars. Attempting to single out any based upon political affiliation is foolishness.