• BB

    I don’t fly hays. I drive to Wichita or K.C.

  • Tshock

    Too expensive – I drive to KC

  • Hays

    What a poorly written survey! I’m not going to waste my time completing it. Every single one of these questions, and the subsequent responses, can be left open to interpretation.”Do you use the Hays Regional Airport for business transportation?” Do I answer yes if I have even one time? Or do I answer no because I have before, on a couple of occasions, but typically fly out of Wichita due to the cost of the Hays flights. “Would you use the Hays Regional Airport for business transportation if another carrier flew off this airport?” Of course I would consider it if any carrier offers flights that accommodate the times and prices I am looking for. If you’re asking whether the current carrier is the problem, the answer is no; the cost is the problem. If another carrier would reduce the costs, then yay for all of us. It is unfortunate so much effort is being put forth by the local Chamber Director to encourage response to this survey when someone clearly dropped the ball in writing it.

    • Wintermute

      So its a “we want feedback- but only the right feedback” sorta thing?

      • BB

        That’s right. It is what they want to hear. A person can’t tell them what they think. I know Hays Airport spends a lot money on advertising. I think they are on every T.V. Channel.

  • Frank

    The companies that provide this type of air service, do everything on the cheap. Overworked, underqualified pilots. Poor maintenance and safety records, persistent delays, and overall bad service. It is well worth my time to drive to a major airport than dealing with the headaches these 3rd rate airlines provide.

    • inkslinger

      You could always strap all those fireworks that you bought and cant light to your car and fly to your destination just as fast

      • Frank

        All fireworks in my possession will be lit within.the next 48 hrs. Happy 4th ink! I hope you.bought good earplugs!

  • stonedigger

    When the City recruits people from this town just to board the plane to Great Bend and then bus them back just to reach their 10,000 flights, says a lot about the airport. How much does that cost us taxpayers? Like everyone else said, if the prices were cheaper, there probably would be more people that fly out of Hays.

    • Briggs

      I wouldn’t chance it even if it was chea

      • Briggs

        Cheap, that is. They abandon my nephew and brother in Denver. We were told the pilot was ill and the back up pilots were all sick. Seriously, no one wanted to make the scheduled flight cause they are lazy and rude. Then Bob Johnson, when I contacted him to complain, accused me of lying at first. The he was a me to ‘investigate’ and see I was not. The whole thing is a giant joke and if they mess up its not their fault it is yours! Sad excuse of a customer service based business.

    • wally

      I had not heard that they fly people to Great Bend and then bus back to reach 10,000.. who pays for this?