Child injured in Pit Bull Attack

Authorities in Barton County say that a boy was severely injured after being attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull early this week.  Hoisington City Manager Jonathan Emergency police accidentMitchell confirmed that on Monday at around 5:45 p.m., the child was playing in a backyard in the 700 Block of East 3rd Street in Hoisington when the incident occurred. The dog reportedly go loose or jumped a fence.

After being taken to Clara Barton Hospital, the boy was later taken to a Wichita hospital due to reported injuries to his arm and face. He was listed in critical condition late Wednesday.

According to reports, the dog owner faces charges involving a vicious dog, and the animal was put down at Hoisington Veterinary Clinic

  • Not just the owner

    I know that an animal is only as good as its owner. But keep in mind what these dogs were for. You cannot expect all the instinct of an animal to go away just because you are a responsible pet owner. These attacks still occur even when the owners do everything right. I am saying nothing against the dogs nor their owners. I just feel people need to be more vigilant and in touch with reality before purchasing aggressively bred breeds.

    • cory

      This is completely inaccurat. There are many more reportsof lab, German Shepard and even husky attacks than pitbulls. Small breeds are actually the most aggressive breed of saga.pitbulls are actually in the lower percent of dog attacks. People cause more of s fit because of the breed and it is because they have a large jaw and can lock it. So saying pitbulls are mean or natural killers is bs.

      • Runner

        You’re full of bs Cory! Pit bulls cause MUCH more damage than a small breed! Pit bulls were bred to KILL… I’d like you to reveal your sources on your statistics…I don’t think you have a leg to stand on!!!

      • Derek

        Source. Most likely: You are full of ****.

  • Just my 2 cents….

    The dog paid the ultimate price for the owners negligence/stupidity

    • Runner

      Actually, your 2 cents worth isn’t worth anything. Pit Bulls are a violent breed, and in the best of circumstances, can’t be trusted not to revert back to their years of violent breeding, no matter how they are “raised” by their owner. Pit Bulls should be outlawed, and short of that, anyone owning a dog of this breed should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when something like this happens! I’m sure I will get a lot of hate over this post, but what if it were your child/loved one getting attacked??? Sorry I had to reply to such an IGNORANT post, but I just couldn’t stay silent on this one!!!

  • Informed Citizen

    Actually the child is paying the ultimate price.

    • When will it end

      Until the owners are held accountable, this story will just be repeated. These owners should be in jail. They are responsible for physically injuring a child. What more does the court need to take action?

  • hays resident

    What about the litle boy that was bitten Monday eveing in Ellis…the owners supposedly took the dog out into the country and shot it BEFORE the police could take the dog….hmmmmm…sounds pretty fishy to me. Then to take attention away from the situation, they attempted to turn the family in to SRS for neglict. Come on people, take ownership for your mistakes

  • hays resident

    At least the dog owner had the decency to call 911 right after it happened. Mauled the little boys leg and required alot of stitches.

  • Runner

    I saw the Hays Post saw it fit to censor one of my comments… So much for the freedom of speech!!! The Post can post rumors, undocumented stories, and the such, but if THEY want to censor a citizen, then they have the POWER… Obviously Obama supports… Hays Post is like that of the National Enquirer… If it isn’t news, MAKE IT NEWS, and if someone speaks their mind, CENSOR IT!!!