Commissioners Set Two More Budget Meetings, Table Fireworks Decision

Ellis County Commissioners took no action on fireworks at Monday night’s meeting.  They tabled until their special meeting on July 15 their decision to ban the sale and shooting of fireworks in the county. Below is the county fireworks resolution. Click on the picture for a closer look.

The July 15 meeting has been scheduled to discuss the 2014 budget. Copies of the draft budget are above. Click on them for a closer look. The July 15 meeting will be the first of two meetings between now and the end of July for commissioners to discuss the budget. County Administrator Greg Sund told Hays Post that the budget for the coming year is now approximately $21 million dollars.  Commission Chair Dean Haselhorst and Barbara Wasinger were the only commissioners in attendance.

  • voter

    heaven forbid that commisioners struggle with decisions, heck, lets just make everything illegal.

  • Uncle Thomas

    We either table it, refer it to a special study or committee,…what happened to making decisions? Everyone wants to be so bloody correct they fear disappointing someone and losing a vote.
    Will they take a stand on the “water crisis” or talk about a 5 year plan at election time and point the finger at the rest of the commission? Will they blame an incumbent on being too harsh at election time? They all need to be replaced! Sickens me to watch their smiles when they are televised!

    • Soo right!

      Make a decision in the county or city? No lets pay for another study and then not do anything. Or do another study until it says what they want. I don’t get it. They all need to be replaced.

  • Thomas

    Wow……this is ridiculous. This is taking away your freedoms, which is exactly the opposite of what the 4th of July is all about. You can discharge fireworks safely even in the country, people have been doing it for YEARS, this resolution is basically saying that the people of Ellis county are stupid and can’t be trusted.

    • Frank

      And the most serious injuries have occurred AT the public display! Go figure!

      • alright…

        Let me shoot fireworks near your house or on your farmland. If it catches on fire, I’m sorry!

        • Thomas

          If you are doing so responsibly, I have no issue with that. Nobody is randomly going out and lighting off fireworks in the middle of vacant straw or cheat, and thats what everyone acts like is going on…..

        • Frank

          Come on over, the more the merrier!

          • WeeTodd

            Just bring a cold 30 pack with ya.

      • inkslinger

        because the media covers public displays, go talk to the ER and see what they say

  • Disappointed

    The problem is they aren’t just trying to ban the fireworks for this year….as this year it is understandable due to drought and dry conditions, which makes the dangerous conditions more viable. However, this particular problem is they are planning on permanently banning fireworks. There used to be a ban in Hays and they had more fires and hazards when that was the case. People need to speak up and tell them this is not a good idea.

  • Curt Montague

    The commission banned fireworks in the county.. Does that mean there will be no fireworks show at the Wild West Fest, or does the ban just apply to certain classes of people?
    In Graham county we are allowed to shoot fireworks from 9AM until !!PM from June 27 to July 5th. So far, in 6 days of robust fireworks activity, there have been 2 fire calls, both unrelated to fireworks. When you get right down to it actual fireworks related fires are pretty rare. While I’m on the subject, I’ve been reading about the commission cutting the budget and cutting request for financial aid because of lower revenues. How much money in sales tax revenue did the county turn away as a result of the ban? It’s a substantial amount, I’m sure.

    • Frank

      According to this document, I see no exception being made for WWF. So, if the public display is allowed, then one can reasonably assume any ban is null and void.

    • Frank

      WHY is my comment awaiting moderation?

      • Wintermute

        They moderate the comments? That’s a first.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Frank I see that on mine quite often. I assume it is because others complain about me so darn much they have tagged me in the system.

    • BB

      There will be fireworks at the Wild West Fest tonight. They will have fire trucks there and ready to go.

      • Frank

        I thought they were banned. Guess not, Bombs away!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!

  • Frank

    Well according to this document, I see no exception being made for WWF. So, if the public display is allowed, then one can reasonably assume any ban is null and void.

  • Frank

    So the police will be arresting and fining the folks shooting the public fireworks? Or does it mean they are lifting the ban so everyone can shoot them off? Are they banned? Or are they NOT banned?

    • Uncle Thomas

      I cant imagine they will enforce it, there are water violators right on vine street and they choose to look the other way!