489 Board Discontinues Membership in Schools for Fair Funding

Three new school board members Josh Waddell, Lance Bickle and Danielle Robben were sworn in at Monday night’s USD 489 school board meeting.

Lance Bickle, Danielle Robben and Josh Waddell are sworn in as new school board members Monday night.

Lance Bickle, Danielle Robben and Josh Waddell are sworn in as new school board members Monday night.

The board also elected new officers including Greg Schwartz as president.
Other than a discussion about the responsibilities and who should be the district public information officer, each item on the first half of the agenda was passed rapidly. Elizabeth Jaeger, who has many district responsibilities, will still handle the district PIO duties.

Among other highlights, the board voted to table the approval of Multi- peril Insurance for the 2013-14 school year from Insurance Planning until it is reviewed by board attorney Bill Jeter.

The board voted to discontinue paying the membership and dues in Schools for Fair Funding for 2013-14. After some discussion, the almost $18,000 participation in the program seemed much more than the board wanted to pay. New board member Lance Bickle made the motion and Daren Schumacher seconded the motion that was passed unanimously. USD 489 had been a member since 1989.

They approved KASB membership and Legal Assistance Fund membership for the 2013-14 school year.

After  90 minutes of executive session, the board voted to table the discussions on contracts policy, on policy for pre-screening potential bidders, on contracts policy, and the appointment of the Board Attorney.


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20 Comments for “489 Board Discontinues Membership in Schools for Fair Funding”

  1. The buddy system is on its way out the door…
    Replace the current BOE attorney…need a new face!
    The districts PIO needs to be monitored, too much power has gone to this persons head due to passive approach by current Superintendent. Again anyone voting on renewing the Supers contract should be embarrassed and owes the district and taxpayers an apology!
    Find a new broker for the districts business insurance. The same broker has monopolized due to past BOE members involvement.
    Next… with the Super retiring we need to focus on the deputy Super, technology and whomever is responsible for the poor maintenance of the grounds and buildings of the district.

    • I’d love to know the job you possess that allows to do nothing but sit here and criticize anything and everything in this town?

    • Ok you sure do appear to be just another DA that thinks he knows what really goes on in the district, I can assure you, YOU DO NOT! You give Schwartzy and his buddies enough time I guarantee they will ruin this district. You people think he saves the district money—hahaha right, time to pull your head out Uncle Fester or who ever you are.
      Your dumb response about “poor maintenance of the grounds and buildings of the district ” says enough about how clueless you are and no one on this site should waste their time reading your responses because you are uninformed.
      I can assure every tax payer that our custodial and maintenance people do an outstanding job in our district and considering that state funding is a joke these people do a great job and all taxpayers in our community should be thankful that we do have great looking facilities, as a parent and a tax payer “Thanks to all of our custodial and maintenance people on a tireless job well done” despite stupid comments.

      • If mediocre is your idea of grounds keeping and maintenance. Have you driven by these schools? The mowing is choppy, instead of trimming or edging they over use expensive vegetation killer…the lazy mans way. From the exterior the grounds are mediocre at best! When these schools have a function…attend one! The interior is as bad as the exterior! Is there not someone in charge of these janitors?

        • I will agree on the weed killer but mowing is choppy?? that’s kinda what a mower does, doesn’t it? please explain. The interior??? this is where you show your ignorance, don’t open your mouth unless you are willing to give specifics, I have attended many, many functions and still do and I see our schools in great condition and clean!! in fact I have heard many people from other schools routinely complimenting school officials on how clean our buildings are. You are just another fool looking to stir things up you have no respect and I doubt to many actually believe the crap you write. By the way your last name isn’t Schwartz or Schumacher by chance is it ?

          • I did not say weed killer, I said vegetation killer. They kill good grass and then let weeds pop up. Lack of experience in lawn maintenance. As for the “choppy”…a lawn is supposed to have an even smooth cut. The school lawns look as fi the are wavy, this is due to poor mower maintenance, incorrect mower type, etc. As for the interior which school would you like for me to be specific about. As for compliments from other schools…usually only a pleasantry because the don’t know what else to say. I take it you have not been in many schools around the country. Hays schools lack cleanliness, proper equipment to do the cleaning, lack of training if any for those performing the cleaning. The buildings are out dated, lack upgrades, poor planning in the prep of buildings.

        • what was the problem?

          Cannot blame the janitor have you seen what they pay them? One of them quits and they don’t replace them. They just tell the already under paid janitor to pick up the slack for the same pay. Shameful just shameful, and they wonder why low income housing is being built like it is going out of style.

  2. too much corporate power

    So the first thing the new USD489 board does is decide to become moochers. That’s right, not pay dues but expect the benefits anyway.

    Oh, but it’s okay to pay to belong to the lobbying group KASB, the Kansas Association of School Boards.

    Sounds like they don’t want to make sure fair funding happens for the kids, but they gotta keep those board-member perks. Got it.

    • What are the “perks” of being a school board member?

    • Perks? A board member gets paid nothing monetary for their service. They run simply to serve the children and their community. Voting yay or nay won’t give them anymore to throw into that member “perk” area.

      • Can you explain to me what perks “too much corporate power” is referring to?

        • What he means is that Board is spending money on themselves. Membership is KASB benefits the administration some, but mostly benefits the School Board. Student sees about the same benefit in our membership with SFFF district’s membership in KASB. Several times the Board has voted or directed administration to spend money that directly benefits the Board, in essence giving themselves perks.

  3. Look at the photo of the three new board members… which one lacks confidence? Which one must only be fulfilling the desires of an employer?

    • A community shouldn’t be taking the time to lower those who take the time to serve the community. If people think they are better and can do a better job take the opportunity and run for election. Or better yet, attend the meeting and make use of the slot for the public to voice out. If you don’t step out from behind the computer you will never be heard. It’s all about learning and taking lessons as they come so good decisions are made for all. I hope the new board members and current ones remember that. I thank them for their use of personal free time to serve USD 489 to the best of ability.

  4. Who is in charge of 489 grounds and buildings? They look hideous…!

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