Protecting our Independence

Protecting Our Independence

Edward P. Cross, President Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association

July is a special month for many Americans. Most of us will eagerly take a break from our busy summer schedules to once again celebrate Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 2.26.15 PMIndependence Day. There will be much fanfare with fireworks, parades, picnics, and other patriotic events celebrating our country’s independence from Great Britain in 1776. But when the festivities have ended, only a few will have reflected upon the true meaning of independence and the role it has played in shaping our nation’s character.

Our founding fathers made it clear in the Declaration of Independence that all men were entitled to certain unalienable rights. Among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is easy to take for granted those rights and freedoms we share as Americans. However, it is important that we understand and appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that our forefathers made in order for us to enjoy the luxury of freedom. Freedom and independence are cornerstones in the foundation of our country’s heritage. The independent ideology of the American people is a fundamental element of our society and a key to our nation’s prosperity. We must protect that independence at all cost.

One important freedom we must protect is our free enterprise system. American business, and certainly the oil and gas industry, was founded upon the ideology of independence and free-market principles. Those principles allow business to be governed by the laws of supply and demand without government interference and excessive regulation. The dynamic free market has led to innovation and wealth creation, and has established an economic environment where hard work is rewarded.

But now, amidst economic turmoil, it seems free-market capitalism and independence are under attack. Government’s heavy-handed intervention into businesses and industries is unprecedented. It is alarmingly obvious that the increased governmental control is dragging on the economy. Where will it stop?

The oil and gas industry is always in the crosshairs of government. We are constantly battling excessive environmental regulation, drilling restrictions, and crippling taxation to fund politically expedient, yet questionably viable, government spending programs. Furthermore, the administration’s proposal to repeal our most critical and longstanding tax provisions would have a devastating impact on small independent oil and gas producers. Even if those regulations and tax proposals became law, the revenues would not come close to satisfying the President’s and Congress’ appetite for bigger government.

In his 1946 Independence Day speech, John F. Kennedy said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Those words were never so true. Being mindful of the erosion of our independence and free- market system through excessive regulation and government interference cannot be over emphasized. We must, now more than ever, remain steadfast in our resolve to protect and preserve the precious independence that has molded our nation’s character.

  • Wingnut

    And don’t forget to support the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, which ALLOWS the pyramid scheme called capitalism… to exist whatsoever. The American Government prints the coupons (money) that capitalists use to “get a leg up” on each other, and it allows the “join the free marketeers OR STARVE/OR DIE/OR ELSE” felony extortion done to USA 18 year olds. The American Government also created entitles of ownership and store receipts that ALLOWS ownership to exist, which capitalism would be impossible without. Government regulations keeps whatever-the-market-will-bear rat-racing tug-o-warring children from destroying the yard (world), too, thank goodness. If the American Government were to let the tug-o-war go too far, there would be no planet left for those who are smart enough to know that tug-o-warring over little green pieces of paper (money and titles of ownership)… is completely stupid. SOME of us know that competition is NOT healthy, and never was. We are the ones into COMMUNE-ity., and we are the ones who abhor racing… and highly-prefer cooperating. The American Government uses a commune for its military… which is a TEAM. The American Government knows that to hurt one member of team, hurts all of team. The rat-racing pyramid-climbing capitalists don’t yet understand this, and thus, their little civil warring over survival coupons and luxury seeking…. needs to be kept in-check. Later, when the capitalists realize what a totally wrong trail they’ve ventured onto, they will be VERY glad that the American Government policed the tug-o-war and kept it (almost) sane.

    Pyramids such as capitalism are exactly like the childhood playground pyramids-o-children that continuously failed. They get top-heavy from all the get-a-leg-up, then collapse, and crush the stalwart bottom layer kids via putting the weight of the world on their backs. But capitalists apparently never learned the simple playground pyramiding lesson, and will have to learn it the hard way, I guess.

    Yes, thank you American Government for keeping the collapsing pyramid scheme called capitalism…. from causing too much fallout from its destruction. When the capitalists are done playing the great monetary discrimination game, look to the USA military team and USA public library system… for how to do non-monetary-discriminatory commune ops. Hurry, capitalists! We cooperators/commune-ity folk (and the American Government) are being VERY patient in waiting for you tug-o-warring children to learn your lesson about the pitfalls of competing/racing. The “don’t take it personal, its just business” handwashing is not working for you anymore, is it? Time to shake off the “yea capitalism” self-BSing, wouldn’t you say?

    The capitalist tug-o-warrers are FAR from ready for “independence”. They need to be monitored very carefully these days, and I’m seeing the need for a crap-load of spankings. The American government, God bless them, is starting to see the same. Cooperate, not compete. But don’t cooperate with a join-or-die competer’s church called capitalism. That system is a servitude-infested Chicago mob-like “pay up or lose your wellbeing” friggin’ mess. I bet the barrel industry is hopping, though, as look at all the people that capitalism has put over one.

    Larry “Wingnut” Wendlandt
    MaStars – Mothers Against Stuff That Ain’t Right
    (anti-capitalism-ists) (anti-economy usage)
    Bessemer MI USA

  • JC

    Hey “Left-Wingnut” no one in KS cares about your theories, MI is one of many, Government supporting, FLAT BROKE States! You don’t like ppl trying to make a living, and a good life for themselves, by not living off of the Government, then take your communist ass to China! Thanks and Happy INDEPENDANCE DAY!

    • Sell it elsewhere, I’m not buying

      I don’t care about KIOGA’s free market rantings, the Oil Companies should hand back their govn’t subsidy checks if they are true believers in the free market. When there are oil spills they should make it right and not push the cleanup and long term costs to the government and citizens. This Kansan doesn’t care about you Limbaugh, Fox news talking points. Have a nice Independence Day!