KDOT Accused of Violating Clean Water Act

epa logoEnvironmental regulators have accused Kansas of polluting water at three road construction sites.

The federal government sued the Kansas Department of Transportation Monday alleging violations of the federal Clean Water Act over stormwater discharge of pollutants. The sites are located on U.S. 69, U.S. 59 and Kansas 18 near Lawrence, Pleasanton and Manhattan.

The Kansas attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

At issue are allegations that KDOT failed to prevent erosion from exposed slopes into waterways. The lawsuit contends the state did not properly design or maintain sediment controls such as silt fences, berms and sediment basins.

It seeks fines of $32,500 per day for violations dating to 2004, and more than $37,000 per day for those after 2009.