Hays Firefighters Train for Water Rescue

With the cooperation of the Hays Recreation Commission staff, City of Hays firefighter/EMTs will be practicing water rescue procedures at the Hays Aquatic Park. Aquatic parkThis training is being conducted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in the mornings before regular pool hours. Firefighters will be practicing surface water rescue and swimming pool rescue procedures.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Pssst! Pssst! Someone tell the HFD the aquatic park has lifeguards! As for big creek…well it will soon be dry.

    • http://hayspost.com ???

      What about when they get called to a private pool or if someone breaks in after hours?

      • Uncle Thomas


      • Uncle Thomas

        Mine was sarcasm. What about when we have the torrential rains every two or three years and morons decide to play in the streets near storm gutters or big creek or the other drainage canals…or my livestock tanks?