Grass Fire Rural Ellis County UPDATE

2000 block of 370th avenue  Click here for a closer look

2000 block of 370th avenue
Click here for a closer look


UPDATE  Monday afternoon’s fire according to Ellis County Rural Fire Director Dick Klaus, consumed 25 acres of wheat and 10 acres of grass. “It was started when a bearing on a combine went out,” Klaus told Hays Post.  Fire companies 2, 4 and 5 were on the scene approximately four hours. There were no injuries.


Monday 4:15 p.m. Three Ellis County rural fire companies have been dispatched to the scene of a grass fire near the 2000 block of 370th Avenue.  Stay tuned to Eagle radio and check Hays Post for additional details as they become available.

  • Fire

    Another excellent reason to have Fireworks this year :)

    • Timothy

      That’s right, because we light tons of combine bearings every 4th of July. This is an apples to oranges comparison. How many people shoot fireworks in the middle of a wheat field? We have more moisture in the county this year than we did last year, everything is green. Fireworks should have been permitted in the city limits. I mean, we have plenty of water to waste putting out a potential fire anyway just ask FHSU!

  • Ryan

    Thanks up for the heads up. Look out for a bunch of overly excited volunteers driving way to fast to the scene. It’s only a matter of time before they cause an accident.

    • lucky

      Its a good thing Ellis County has those volunteers, they protect alot of property and save alot of lives, for next to nothing.
      They do have emergency lights and sirens to let you know they are coming.

  • Bob

    Yeah ryan remember its those same overly excited volunteers who go out in the middle of the night to save idiots like you for no pay!

    • Frank

      Who told you that they aren’t paid?

      • Pay

        They are paid $20 if they actually make it out on a truck and $10 if they have to stand by the station. That’s some pretty big money!

  • BB

    Thanks for having firefighters. They have a job to do when they get called out for a fire. If they can save a family or your belongings 20.00 is nothing. And if they fight a fire for 5 or 6 hrs 20.00 is nothing. Should be a lot more then that. But they are doing there best. If anybody can do better go for it.