County will discuss fireworks again tonight

I. OpeningEllis County Logo


Monday, July 1, 2013 6:45 PM Ellis County Courthouse

Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Clerk Calls the Roll
  4. Approval of Agenda
  1. Approval of Prior MinutesRegular Meeting – June 3, 2013 Regular Meeting – June 10, 2013
  2. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Employee Status Changes as presented
    2. Approval of Refunding Warrants as presented
    3. Approval of Tax Roll Adjustments as presented
    4. Approval of Escape Tax Orders as presented
    5. Approval of Accounts Payable and Payroll as presented
      1. Rural Water District #1C – KANSTEP ProjectEnclosure

        Consideration of Payment Request #3

      2. County Joint Planning CommissionConsideration of Appointments
      3. EF Johnson Radios Enclosure Costs of Upgrading to Digital
      4. Motorola Portable RadiosDiscussion/Consideration of Three More Radios
      5. 2014 Budget Enclosure
        Discussion of Current Draft and Set Two Budget Meetings in coming weeks
      6. KAC Conference AttendanceDiscussion
      7. State Map in Capitol Enclosure Report
      8. Resolution No. 2013-21 – Fireworks Enclosure Discussion/Consideration of Resolution
      9. Employee Recognition Policy Enclosure Discussion/Consideration

      D. County Commission
      1. Commissioner Reports

      V. Adjournment

  • inkslinger

    hope they vote a yes ban
    on the fireworks

    • Frank

      I hope they vote to allow the loudest fireworks available to be shot only on your block, and only between the hours of midnight and 6am.

      • Tellitfrank

        Frank u seriously made my day lmao thanks

        • inkslinger

          me too since i live right next to you bwahahaha

          • Frank

            Sweet, where do you live? I’ll be happy to kick off the festivities at midnight right outside your bedroom window!

          • inkslinger

            that would be great , you would then be trespassing with intent to do harm, window peeking and a few other charges that i would be more than happy to press on to you, so then July 5th you would be eating jail food with a huge guy named bubba that REALLY likes you

          • Frank

            Yogurt slinger, what a sad, pathetic existence you live. Just because you don’t enjoy life, doesn’t mean you need to go around trying to prevent others from enjoying theirs.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Thank you Frank for todays humor!

  • Fire

    Bring on the Fireworks…..we have not had any big grass fires in Ellis County yet this year…..I am sure the firemen need something to do on the 4th of July!