Permits Required for Hay Harvesting on State Right of Way

hay right of wayHay harvesting on right-of-way along state and federal highways without a permit is illegal and is trespassing, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

Haying permit applications are available at KDOT District and Area offices and are good for one year or a specific haying season. From April 1 to the end of each year, permits to harvest are issued in the order for which they are received.

Permits can be canceled at any time by either party and all operations shall be in accord with requirements and guidelines set by KDOT. Any person, firm or corporation wanting to mow or bale hay will need to submit a permit application to the KDOT office in their area.

For additional information, contact the Hays Area KDOT Office: (785) 625-9718.

  • BB

    One smart thing that the State and Federal did let the farmers cut hay out of ditches and right of ways. Looks nice when it is baled.

  • Rob

    I think the farmers should be allowed to cut and bale it without a permit, the state sure as hell doesn’t mow it when it needs to be

    • BB

      I would say they have to take out a permit in case of an accident. That’s my thinking.