Kansas first district Congressman’s interview on Meet the Press Video

First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp was interviewed on Meet the Press with David Gregory on Sunday morning. They discussed Huelskamp’s effort toward a Federal Marriage Amendment.

  • http://hayspost.com american

    what an a$$, him and brownback put the a$$ in kana$$

    • Interested

      I-70 goes East and west. 183 goes North and South. Your welcome to pack up and leave and not come back. Adios!

    • Guie Le’Deuche

      You must have grown up in Missouri because your spelling is horrendous. There is only on “s” in “Kansas”.

  • Ruserious

    Fact is most people don’t care about DOMA or prop. 9. I don’t care much either but it’s definitly descrimination if you allow some people rights, but not others.

    It’s sad he represents us all since most people I know around my age (38) feel the same way. Ask People younger than us and they are totaly Opposed to DOMA.
    What’s the big deal with letting them get married and enjoy the rights every heterosexual in thismurray pfeifer country has?

    Further more. Why is government involved in marriage at all?

  • Ruserious

    Wierd. Text input Murray pfeifer in there.WTF. Sorry for typo.