Opinion: Animal Control Ignores Dog Left in Car

So~~~me and the girls went to Hays, Kansas today to get mower blades and then some other thing at Walmart. As we are walking up to Walmart we see a little dog that has been left in a car~~~he/she is barking up a storm!! I know it was not 100 degrees today, but it was way too hot for an animal to be left in a car!! We take down the description, tag number and also location of the car and proceed to the Customer
Service counter to report this. At that time we find out we are not the first persons to report this dog in this car!! We were told that the Humane Society of Hays had already been called~~~and since they obviously had not come to Walmart, they employees decided that they should just call the police at that point. I felt good that we had given all the necessary information and the police were being called. When we left the store, the greeter remembered us and told me~~the animal control (humane society) NEVER SHOWED UP and when the police came, they got out of their car, looked in the car where the dog was, got back in their car and LEFT!!! How freaking insane is this?!?!?!? Will never make that mistake again and trust the law enforcement or animal control of Hays, Kansas!!! Poor little dog!! And ASSHOLE owners!!!

Lynnette Chard, Palco

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  • lol

    While that was horrible to have happened I find it odd that this is allowed on Hays Post. The rules for commenting are listed and this letter seems to violate 3/4s of them.

    • Really?

      I don’t know why Hays Post even has a disclaimer. They NEVER make anyone follow it!!!!

  • hmmm2

    Animal control officer Stan Moore is a total joke…

  • Wintermute

    Why is it against the rules to use vulgar language in a comment but not in a post like this?

  • Frank

    You should stay in Palco.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I saw a large dog two weeks ago left in a van at Hastings. The van had a sign on the side “Plainville Rescue Squad”…very odd it had SA/Saline county plates on it. I called dispatch and they were more interested in who I was and all the details about me then they were the dog. I asked don’t you have caller I.D. … I waited 15 minutes in the parking lot and no one showed up.

  • Delilah

    Make sure you get your facts straight before posting false information
    The Humane Society of the High Plains is not animal control.
    The city of hays animal control is run through the hays police department
    The humane society boards the animals for the city but has no legal authority
    Or ability to respond to animal cruelty cases in the city if hays.
    Again these are to totally different agencies. If you have complaints about
    One do not include the other because they are totally different.

  • LuvMyPets

    Also, I am sure Palco has it’s own Animal Control issues that are never addressed. Running at large, chained for hours with no food or shelter, and no attention. Start with y our own community, then you can judge another.

  • Just my 2 cents….

    Break the window next time

  • thetruth

    Pretty cool jump on the people from Palco . Don’t worry about the dog or the lousy police dept.