Central Kansas Gay Pride Celebration

Salina held its first ever Gay Pride event at the Ramada Inn and Convention Center on Saturday. Local performers “The Dirty Martinis” were among the entertainment along with the Salina Community Theater’s rendition of “Legally Blonde”.

Executive Director of the Kansas Equality Coalition Thomas Witt told the Salina Post,”The turn out is incredible for a small city in Kansas.” Thomas also explained the gay pride roots that go back to the Stonewall riots on June 28th, 1969. The riots started after New York P.D. raided a gay bar and physically assaulted the customers. Those riots went on for two nights. Thomas also said it is not official whether or not this event will be annually.

  • chris


  • pfonz

    What the f&*&k is this world coming to????

    • Finally

      People are able to be who they are without the extreme levels of hatred and bigotry once placed upon them. I would celebrate too.

  • Justaguy

    Why does it matter if they want to celebrate the fact that they are gay? Does it make a great impact in your world? Complain when it directly affects you for whatever reason. Do you call the Westboro Baptist Church people idiots when they rally? Do you ask what this world is coming to when they protest a soldiers funeral? I sure do. Lot of worse things in this world. Ignorance is bliss.