Alleged Rape Under Investigation

Police in Hays are investigating an alleged rape that reportedly occurred in the 400 Block of West 7th Street this on Wednesday night. According to Lt. Ron Rounkles, “ All of the Hays policeindividuals involved in the case have been indentified and an investigation is still ongoing.”

An investigation into an alleged rape from May 23 is also ongoing. According to Lt. Rounkles, “All of the individual in this case have been identified and interviews are being conducted as this investigation continues.

We will report additional details as they become available.

  • chris

    be so much easier just to have the FHSU athletic roster on hand for these investigations

    • Water please!


      • Anon

        But its true, lol.

    • japherd

      chris, what an assinine comment!!

    • inkslinger

      that is so true, only thing is fast Eddie gets them off all the time.

    • Guie Le’Deuche


  • derp

  • Uncle Thomas

    What could assist is if when we recruit and give away scholarship monies FHSU did background checks and drug tests! Then continuous random tests by an independent entity for all sports scholarships!

    • inkslinger

      but UT that would mean we would not have any winning sports teams at FHSU, oh wait we dont. BWAHAHAHAHAHA