USD 489 Superintendent to Retire

will rothUSD 489 Superintendent Will Roth is retiring next year.

Roth has notified school board members he will retire July 1st, 2014.

Roth has been employed by the Hays school district for 28 years, starting as the Felten Middle School principal and then as a deputy superintendent of instruction and curriculum.

He was appointed interim superintendent in September 2010 after Fred Kaufman retired, and then named superintendent two months later.

His contract expires June 30, 2015.

Roth wrote this on the District Facebook page today

From the Superintendent:

Since my start as principal of Felten Middle School in July of 1985, the Community of Hays has offered my family and me many positive opportunities. In 1992 I became part of the district leadership team as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and eventually as Superintendent in 2010.
Over the past 28 years in Hays, my wife Sharon and I have raised a family; she has earned two degrees from FHSU, and together we have created many fond memories with our family and friends along the way.
I want to thank you, the parents and students, the current and previous Boards, and my colleagues of USD 489 for the support and all that I have learned from you in those 28 years. I look forward to my last year with USD 489 and I am confident that the Board will thoughtfully consider and select my replacement for the 2014 school year. I look forward to a successful transition with the next Superintendent.

School Board Vice President Greg Schwartz did not immediately return a call for comment.

  • Alice

    So Schwatz runs another administrator off. Don’t blame Will. I would retire too. That new school board is going to create a huge mess. May move my kids to school elsewhere.

    • Informed

      Schwartz is an elected official. Don’t vote for him next time around! Don’t move your kids.

    • Lee

      We were shocked at how Schwartz spoke to The school finance man Cain during the last board meeting. Very unprofessional. JMO.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Often times when speaking to morons you must lower yourself to their level for the communication to be effective.

  • Hays

    Dr. Roth, thank you for the time you have dedicated to the improvement of our schools and our district. You will be missed!

  • BB

    Don’t put the blame on Schwartz I think he is doing a good job. As for Will it is time for him to retire. We need to get some young blood in there. I don’t think Schwartz ran Will off. He left on his own.

    • Informed

      I’m not blaming Schwartz, but to suggest I disagree with your point he is doing a good job. The USD 489 school board is the laughingstock of public schools around Kansas (not just surrounding communities). There is always turmoil!! I hope the newly elected members can alleviate this issue.

      • lostinhays

        schoolboard is a big joke…bunch of drama for no reason

  • chris

    good get rid of that fool,

  • my opinion

    Hoping they hire someone who will stand up to some of the current school board members. And who we can start out at a little less money. Good luck to Mr Roth with his retirement.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Roth & Cain should have never been appointed to their positions. Both operate with a 1950’s management mentality! Neither have ever been in touch with the employees of the district. Roth knows the current board are not fools and left before he was sent packing! As for Schwartz…damn him for asking tough questions! As for the find someone for a cheaper price…let’s find someone competent no matter what the cost may be.

  • USD 489 Proud

    It’ s time to take this perfect opportunity and find a super who will forgo the “good ole boy” idea and be a leader. Hold everyone accountable for their actions. The contract renewal issue on this only makes it more evident that we need new administration. There are polices set for a reason and they should be followed by everyone. The average employee wouldn’t of been able to get away with signing a contract out of the standards without some sort of disciplinary action.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Accountability? Disciplinary action…? AMEN!

      Those that did not do their job should be reprimanded if not terminated!
      The school board members still seated who voted for a contract extension should be embarrassed and resign their position! Board members really extended the super’s contract…is this an April Fools joke.
      What about what Roth did to the HHS football coach?

  • Fighter

    Say what you want about Roth, one can’t deny that he fought for the teachers and the students

    • Uncle Thomas

      Fought for what…?
      His tenure at the middle school was a joke! As for the teachers in the district he most likely blew a lot of smoke up the backside. What exactly can he sign his name to that he did for the students and teachers of the district in the last 36 months?

      • Anonymous

        My list over the last 36 months includes closing Kennedy middle school, new addition to Hays Middle school, negotiated more PLC time in the calendar, switch to Common Core standards, and implementing RTI in the district.

        We may be able to replace him with a superintendent that is an expert at running the money and operations of the district. We will never replace him with someone that cares more about education and learning.

        • Uncle Thomas

          Oh please… the district deserves an administrator who can run both the business and education sides of the operation. Business side…new super needs to show up for work and fire Cain and the business side will be on its way to recovery. As for the students and teachers…how about we find a super that will stand up for what is right! A majority of the principals could not teach and now they walk around with their heads in the clouds or sand or…!
          How about we find a super which will keep his promise to the football coach?

          • Anonymous

            For the record, Dr. Roth is one of the first people to work in the morning. And he often comes back to work after everyone has left to work late. And that is what I expect from the superintendent.

          • Uncle Thomas

            How many days a week does he work? How many full Mondays and Fridays has he worked over the course of a year? When one only works three or four full days per week one should expect a minimum of a 15 hour day! This is addressing putting in time…productivity is a whole different ball game.

          • Truth

            Pallister has zero ability to relate to staff or students. He’s nearly impossible to find on school grounds. If he’s there, no one knows where. The decisions made by many principals in the district, be it poor or not are just “yes manned” by Roth. Hopefully there is someone who has a true ability to lead his staff. The politics of the Hays education system can sometimes truly leave students at a loss.

  • Uncle Thomas

    BOE members please, please sharpen your axes and relieve the district of the “buddy system”! Make the administrators maintain their job status based on merit! What a bunch of manure when administrators have contracts when my employment is at will! I must perform every single day at my job if I don’t I am replaced!

  • Uncle Thomas

    …and Dr. Roth is laughing all the way to his bank in Denver! He knew his time was years past due, he knew the new board would put an ax to his career so he smiled and gave his resignation robbing the district and the tax payers of one more year of salary.