Ellis County Arrest Log 6/20/2013 to 6/23/2013


All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.

Ricardo Batres
Address: Hays
Age: 27
Charges: 8-1602(a)(b1)(A) Failure to stop at accident; 1st offense in a year damage < $1000: STAT
Leaving the scene, Fail to maintain insurance

Rystal Nichole Hoeme
Address: Hays
Age: 20
Charges: 41-727 Liquor; Purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor


This information is not criminal history. All individuals included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law. The Hays Post assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, or completeness, of this information. Any person who believes information provided is not accurate may submit a complaint to admin@hayspost.com.

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  • Hmmmm…

    Jerome Petz again??? And smiling! Clearly has not learned his lesson.

    • Retired

      Seems like such a nice guy at Advance Auto

      • GARY

        he needs to be fired if he hasn’t learned his lesson if i go in to Advance Auto Parts i sure as hell don’t want him helping me he might steel from me.

        • Hays

          Only problem with firing him is that he won’t have a way to pay his restitution (not that he will anyway). I agree with your concerns completely, but it’s a double-edged sword. After his last burglaries, he bought a new house and a new car. Has to have a place to live and a way to get his kids to school, right?

          • Haters Suck

            FYI, after asking a reliable source, Mr. Petz has paid his previous restitution in full. It’s also public record and can be found at the County Courthouse. His ex-father-in-law who was involved in the earlier crimes back in 1998/1999 with Petz however hasn’t paid a dime so Mr. Petz had to pay it all and it was quite a large amount.
            Mr. Petz wasn’t the only one involved in the conflict at Advanced Auto, Skyler was fired as well and an on going investigation is in progress. Might be several losing their jobs.

    • Really?

      Probably get pleading down to jaywalking.

    • pb

      Ain’t that the truth.

  • Thief

    Not surprised. Once a thief always a thief!

  • Again

    Of course he is nice guy he is stealing from you!!

  • eat me

    the system is broken and the DA only cares about his conviction rate!!!!!! the corrections system in this county is based on $’s and even if you pay your fines and even when you are doing right when it’s almost time to get off paper they screw you on some little violation so you did corrections and still have too do all your underlining time without ever convicting you since your on paper!!!! things need to change here

    • Briggs

      I was in the system from 19 to 27, I can honestly say if you do your time it is your own fault. If you use drugs, drink, get caught at a bar, that’s your choice. If you drive on a suspended/revoked license, see people you are not to see, or have an interaction with the law that is not pleasant it is your own fault and you get your violation. Now you tell me how it is anyone else’s fault you do your time. If your bad enough to commit a crime you must be hard enough to do your time. I did my time 3 times, then the fourth time I decided I needed to grow up, it really is all about choices.

      • Well said

        I have lived a similar situation and agree that myself included, never did any time that was not my own fault. I could have been done with everything in 6 months, but do to actions of my own, it took about 6 years. It is not until a person sets aside childish ways that progress in ones life can begin. I believe that begins with taking responsibility for actions and stop blaming others.

  • Just my 2 cents….

    Christy Lieker again? Isn’t she about due for a frequent flier card?
    Nice advertising for smoking barrel BBQ too.

  • lostinhays

    Mr. Petz so ready to take your money…..just my three cents

  • Uncle Thomas

    Was it Mr. Petz who with his father-in-law burglarized rural schools (and maybe churches)?
    Is this the guy who owns JADE Lawn Services?
    Appears to be very smug about his arrest!

  • derp


  • Hmmmmmm

    Jerome is a guy that will never learn what is right or wrong.

  • Uncle Thomas

    If found guilty this man should be sentenced to some actual TIME! Make him serve at least several months in prison to give him a taste of the consequences for poor choices. Stop slapping his hand, he knows better.

  • Confused

    Or is it a “disclaimer” because Hays Post thinks that by putting that statement on the site, then they are not responsible for anything anyone says?? Is that it? Just asking.

  • Haters Suck

    Not sticking up for Mr. Petz at all, but it is funny how you all judge before you know what really happened. Not saying I know what happened either, but what ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? He really is a nice guy, might be shady, but who isn’t? Just be carful what you all post about people because Karma has a way of making her rounds. We all have skeletons in out closets and with that said, let God judge these people on Hays Post. You never know, perhaps some day your picture will be here too.

    • boston terrier

      GOD smh