Watch Out For Those Combines

harvest crew on roadWheat farmers and custom cutting crews are always racing against Mother Nature, but those huge combines, grain carts and wheat trucks are not racing on the road.

Ellis County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Shannon reminds other drivers to watch out for slower ones:

Shannon says the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department usually responds to three or four traffic accidents every year during wheat harvest.

  • aaa

    How about not telling us to watch out for the combines and tell them to take off their headers. They are the unsafe ones, we are not

    • passin threw

      yes at 20 mph and the right of way they really sneak up on you don’t they

      • aaa

        A few years back I came up to two on top of a hill with no ditches, zero room to get by. How is that safe? He had to go all the way over and raise the header up for me to get by. My tire was past the dirt mound with NO shoulders. If I fell off I would have rolled and died. Speed does not matter I was going idle.

        I have came to many combines even on buzy highways they don’t ever take them off and they expect you to move over. I am the one paying fuel taxes for the road they are not. I’m the one who has to be under 8′ and fill out a logbook make sure my equipment is secured. They do not!

  • More Concerned

    Watch out for the Kansas Highway Patrol on Interstate 70 going 100mph without using there emergency lights and sirens……….that is much more dangerous than a combine driving down a country road at 15mph. I see it a least once a week on I-70 between Wakeeney and Hays!

  • BB

    It’s not only headers The new combines are as wide as some roads. So are tractors, under cutters. When I see a big machine coming down the road if I can I pull over at a intersection or driveway. If not he pull halfways in the ditch and I pull as far over as I can and it works out.

    • aaa

      I stopped moveing over, they are over width they can mover over.