Thoughts on School Finance Lawsuit

There was some doubt expressed Wednesday by veteran legislators attending a legislative wrap up session in Junction City on the outcome of the ongoing school school financefinance lawsuit in Kansas.

State Representative Tom Moxley and State Senator Jeff Longbine both thought the state would lose the lawsuit. If that happens the State could have to make up at least $440 million in the 2014 session.

Moxley feels the state will be called on by the courts to come up with no less than $450 million. He said there is some thought that it will be substantially more than that. “Because we are not funding at levels we had made an agreement with the court to do, and that has shown up in your local communities. ” Moxley added something more than $500 apiece per student has been withheld by the state. The state representative added the budgets have been balanced by not funding education.

Longbine expects the legislature to have to come up with $440 million, or determine some sort of alternative.

  • chris

    Maybe they should have spent the 11k that went to hammond on the school system instead