Hays Woman involved in I-70 Accident

A woman from Hays was involved in a 3 vehicle accident on I-70 Wednesday. According to the Kansas highway patrol, “A truck/tractor trailer transport vehicle wasKHP-Patch2.jpg traveling westbound on I-70 at milepost 222.3, a mile east of K-14 and followed by a 2008 Dodge Caliber driven by Mark G. Rice of Branson, Missouri.

A 2010 Toyota Highlander driven by 83 year old Joan K. Henry of Hays was following the Caliber. The transport truck’s trailer swung off the edge of the road into the shoulder and kicked up dust, reducing visibility.  The Caliber’s driver applied brakes and was rear ended by the Highlander. Rice and a passenger in the Caliber, Nellie Rice, age 64 of Branson, Missouri were transported to the hospital in Ellsworth. All were wearing seat belts. Henry was also possibly injured. She was not transported to the hospital in Ellsworth.”

  • BB

    It would not surprise me if they take away that 75 that put it down to 65. People drive like nuts on interstate. If you have to slow down or stop you will get run into. She was driving to fast for 86 yr old.

    • hmmmm

      You can blame others, but why the heck was the truck completely off of the road with wide shoulders on the side of the interstate. This means the truck driver went all the way through the rumble strips to the dirt.

      • BB

        I am not putting the blame on any one I said they all drive way to fast on interstate. If you had to slow down or stop you can”t not at 80 or 90 miles per hr. I drive interstate every day and I don’t sleep I keep my eyes open for the next driver. As for the truck driver he probably fell asleep I don’t know what took place.

        • hmmmm

          I hope they dont change the limit back down. I feel that 75 is about right. yes people do drive 80-85, but they were driving that fast when the speed limit was 70. I dont think dropping the speed limit down is going to change the drivers who drive like maniacs.

  • BB

    I am with you on 75 for me 76 to 78 is a nice speed but you have these A H’s who think they can drive 85 and 90. The only thing is they can only stop one at a time. But like I said they will get someone in office that thinks speed limit should be 65. I hope that I am wrong. I know for fact that some state troopers don’t like the 75.

  • Ellis resident

    I don’t think the speed is the problem, it is following to close. The rule of thumb is 2 car links but I like 3 or 4 car links back.

    • BB

      I hear that some would like to climb right in trunk of the car if they could.

    • weeden

      …….and the last time I took a defensive driving class with my company they said the new norm was 3 to 4 car lengths.

  • countryboy

    Age may or may not of been a factor. The dust is from where they’ve been grinding the lines off the highway to repaint them. Just like the wreck awhile back that killed a family because they rear-ended a truck disabled on the shoulder. There were no lines on the highway cause they were ground off to be repainted.