Felony Child Abuse Charges Filed Against Hays Woman

Jody Marie Brooks   Address: HaysAge: 26Charges: 21-5602 Abuse of a child; Unknown circumstance

Jody Marie Brooks  Address: Hays  Age: 26 Charges: 21-5602 Abuse of a child; Unknown circumstance

The Ellis County Attorney’s office filed felony child abuse charges in District Court on Wednesday against a 26-year-old Hays woman.

According to the complaint, “On or about the 17th of June, 2013, Jody Marie Brooks, did unlawfully, feloniously and knowingly torture or cruelly beat a 2 year old child. The child was struck and stomped on resulting in a mid shaft tibia fracture to his left leg and severe bruising to other areas of the body, above and below the waist.” Brooks remains in the Ellis County jail on a $100,000 bond.

  • Wow

    If she is guilty of this, there is a special kind of hell for her!!

  • Tshock

    If it is true, it takes an extremely deranged individual to do this to a 2 year old. What kind of person stomps on a small child or anyone for that matter?

  • hmmmm

    If found guilty they need to let her ROT in prison.

  • Holy Cow

    Does her girlfriend run a daycare? She looks so familliar! Either way stomping on a child is absolutely insane, i hope its not true.

  • Wow

    She worked at NEW and she does have a girlfriend, not sure if she runs a daycare or not. This is just absolutely sickening.

  • Ellis resident

    What a psycho $*#-$(%($-#:#!!!!!!!!

  • Just my 2 cents….

    She’ ll probably get probation…..

    • lostinhays

      O yea. You know it Drees and company being weak

      • Uncle Thomas

        The Ellis County Attorney’s office will buckle at the knees and plea…community corrections is my guess!

    • Hays

      Highly doubt it. May she rot.

  • Frank

    If I looked like her I’d be angry, too. I love the Angry Birds T-shirt, irony.

    • Hays

      Frank, you’re a douche-bag. This has nothing to do with her appearance or her sexual preference, you hateful bigot. Prayers going out to the little one, and may the justice system find a way to make this woman pay.

      • Frank

        Please reread what I wrote and show me where I mentioned anything about her sexual preference. Apparently you know more than I do. Hateful? Look in the mirror.

  • Briggs

    I kind of want to get arrested for something stupid to be locked up with her so I can show her how it feels to get stomped and kicked around. Sick @*#%*, I hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  • weeden

    Take this dude out and beat the crap out of him.

  • Haha

    That’s a woman?

  • Reaper

    LMAO…….Beat that dude down…………bahahahahaha

  • Woow!

    She worked at Casey’s too..
    Ah, what a psycho.. but ya think she would let me borrow her shirt? lol

  • Hays Resident

    IT will get what IT has coming….IT’s a tough SOB to beat a 2 yr. old, pick on another dude your own size!

  • http://Facebook Beverly Driscoll

    Only $100,000 bond? Children aren’t worth much these days!

  • Super Feminist


    • Working Mom

      It’s a woman’s right to choose to beat a kid? Your the monster if you think she should be released!

    • dougie

      Right to choose what? Let her out of jail for beating a child? Two year old child! Abortion is before the child leaves the womb smart one!

  • Free Thinker

    Hmm, wonder how long before some high plains justice hits this a-hole in the face?

  • Wow

    I’d love to get her in a dark alley and break her tibia and midsection, just sayin! This stuff makes me spit nails!

  • Hays Momma

    She is guilty and she isn’t the mother its her girlfriends son and I do believe that her girlfriend did used to run a daycare but now she is working. this poor boy has had so much trauma to his face that he can’t hardly make any facial expressions. And she pushed him down to sets of stairs.

    • jordan gemboys

      That is just terrible! that poor baby!! I am sickened!

  • Concerned Mother

    First of all….the child is who we should all be concerned about. He is the innocent one!!! No child should ever be treated as this one has been. We see this stuff all the time, however when it happens with someone you know….it really hits close to home. Controlling every move you make, and every breathe you take,verbally and emotionally abusive is where it all begins. Then violently more emotionally and physically abusive it progresses, and then further to physically abusive. No one ever knows what is going through this girls head as she is acting in all of these ways, however you do what you can to try and make things better and hope that she will change. She doesn’t! So you have to get out before its too late. Then you hear about something like this and wonder could it have been me? A CHILD?….an innocent CHILD? Its amazing no one wants to believe it when you try to tell them that someone you know has a problem and needs help as soon as possible, AND NOW LOOK!! SEE WHATS HAPPENED? This poor child has been hurt in very terrible ways. Did he really deserve this? The answer is NO! But how did it happen, WHAT is the real story? Reading the other comments, articles, ect….ect….I am slowly seeing more and more details. As I am unaware of what really happened, since I was not there to witness it, I see how its so easy for people to judge her. I am not saying she is innocent by any means at all, but all of the facts are not out yet. Its hard to think you knew someone, when its possible you never really knew them at all!