Hays Police Department Arrest Log 6/17/2013 to 6/19/2013


All persons included in this post are innocent of crimes until proven guilty in a court of law.


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  • http://hayspost Austin Powers

    That’s a man baby!

  • reality

    lovely bunch.

  • hmmm??

    Bev you used to be so pretty back in the day when you worked at the record store in the mall….what the hell?!?!

    • haysian

      oh i dont know….maybe 10+ years?

      • Ellis resident

        Uh no its called to many hard partying times!!

  • http://hayspost Hays-ite

    That’s SpongeBob, NOT Angry Birds.

    • inkslinger

      its angry birds

    • lol

      Better look again cause that is NOT Spongebob!

  • Uncle Thomas

    If a pic of an individual of legal age is posted for transporting an open container…WHY CANT A PIC OF A PERSON KNOWINGLY VIOLATING A WATER ORDINANCE BE POSTED?

    • Uncle Thomas

      Way ahead of myself…should have stated why isn’t a person knowingly violating a city ordinance cited?

      • inkslinger

        i want to see the water wasters photo posted, that would be great

        • Countryboy

          Get’r dun

    • lol

      Excellent idea!

    • haysian

      water use during a drought, while irresponsible and a violation, is not a crime. stop being so nosy. for someone who despises hays so much, you sure are obsessed with the people of the town.

  • haysite

    Cari, wowza…give me a call!

  • Cari Davis

    what’s your number rico?

    • Haysite


  • hmmmm

    I wonder why they deleted my post about Jody Brooks. Somebody must not of liked my comment about how she got that angry bird shirt.

    • HP

      this. isn’t. even. important.