Gay marriage rulings get mixed review in Kansas

(AP) — As Kansas gay-marriage backers were celebrating a pair of U.S. Supreme Court rulings, Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp was vowing to take Supreme Court 001action.

On Wednesday, the justices struck down a provision of a federal law that denies federal benefits to married gay couples. It also cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California.

The most colorful celebration was at a rainbow-painted Topeka house that’s across the street from a church whose members are known for protesting outside funerals with anti-gay messages. Leaders of the Planting Peace organization unfurled a large banner from the roof of the brightly painted house announcing “Bye, Bye DOMA.”

But Huelskamp was far from elated. He vowed to push for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution defining marriage “as the union of one man and one woman.”


  • Open Minded

    Tim Huelskamp can we please for an amendment to keep jack a**s out of congress?
    I know that would mean firing yourself but I think it’s really needed.

    The republican party is disappearing. They can redistrict all they like but as they get older, our young are stepping up to the plate and defending true freedom, equality and democracy.

  • A

    Fortunately the justices only struck down the federal law. The Kansas constitution banning gay marriage is still valid.

    • Open Minded

      Obviously spoken from a bigot’s mouth. I bet you would like segregation back.

      Why are you right wing nuts crazy about giving people equal rights? There’s a reason they call you the tealiban.

    • Frank


      • american


  • A

    No I would not want segregation back. I don’t support gay marriage from a religious standpoint. But I’m sure you’re going to find fault with that as well. Why is it that people on here can only belittle people instead of having a adult conversation.

    • Open Minded

      An adult conversation with a religious person is an oxymoron. They only try to explain everything in the world and the cosmos as gods work and won’t listen to reason. Any time their ideology is questioned you can literally see their face turn angry and their mind closing faster than they can blink their eyes.

      Faith in a deity defies logic. Science is god. It feeds the people. It saves lives. I makes our lives easier. “God” has done nothing to advance human kind. Only held us back.

      Hate to break it to you but our planet is not the center of the universe. Our solar system isn’t the center of the universe. Our galaxy isn’t the center of the universe. Your own faith blinds you to reality. Faith in a deity is a darwinian mechanism to cope with the knowledge of our own demise. The bible did get one thing right; from dust to dust. That’s how we end up. If all you “religious” people understood that, You would value life much more knowing when it’s over, it’s over.

      Oh and by the way. The ruling today didn’t strike down the Kansas law, however, the justice’s statements said the other shoe will fall. That state bans on gay marriage will fall. It’s only a matter of time before it truly becomes the law of the ENTIRE land.

      • Augusta Rose

        I find it rather interesting that the comment above, left by someone proclaiming to be “Open Minded,” was even allowed by the moderators of this site. According to the comment rules, “Comments considered to be ‘trolling’ or for the sole purpose of angering others will be removed.” This does not say “may be” or “could be,” but rather “WILL BE.” That comment can be construed as nothing less than having the “sole purpose of angering others” (specifically, “A,” who I believe was already reduced to a defensive stance from the previous comment).

        So, moderators, either you’re slacking off, or you’re choosing to be openly biased as to how this conversation is being allowed to progress.

        Now, as for you, “Open Minded,” although you may not agree with “A,” I want to point out to you that practicing one’s right of Freedom OF Religion does not a make a bigot, it makes a free citizen. If you want people to have the right to CHOOSE homosexuality, I believe you should allow people the choice NOT to choose homosexuality. Are you open-minded to other people’s opinions, or just the ones that suit your own?

        • Open Minded

          I’m open minded to the fair and equal treatment of all people. DOMA was clearly a violation of the constitution. Religion has no place in the law.
          Claim all you want this country was founded on Judeau Christian idealism but it wasn’t. They came here to get away from forced ideology. Now the religious right is once again trying to force their ideology upon the masses instead of following what made us great.

          Can you not see your own bigotry? You don’t even have to look for it. It’s behind your eyes.

          • A

            How can you have the name open minded but be so closed to others religous beliefs?

          • american


          • nick schmidt

            im so glad theirs still a sane mind in hays, KS.

            keep it up!

        • get off your high horse

          Go pedal your religious beliefs somewhere else but not in the Post. Go to church and stuff your interpretation of which ever religious opinion you have made up this week down the throats of people who want to hear it. Religion has NO place in politics. Stop dragging religion into all aspects of other peoples lives. Get over yourself already. Religion has not done anything for this world except murder, and war.

      • A

        Wow, reading what you said saddens me for your soul. But back to the topic. Kansas voters voted on that constitutional ammendment. If the supreme court were to say that we are not allowed to vote on such a matter, that would completely undermine or republic. It could then be argued that the court is the only body that can determine what we can and cannot vote on. Why even vote then? It would just be easier for lawmakers to propose a law, and allow the court to either make it law or strike it down. Fortunatly we also have freedom of religon, which means that if a gay person comes to my business I can still deny them service based on my religous beliefs.

        • Open Minded

          I don’t have a soul. Neither do you.

          • A

            Well we will have to differ on that one.

        • nick schmidt

          I love you you defend the judicial system when it works in your favor, and call foul when you side loses.

          • nick schmidt

            the surpreme court voted and decided youre wrong. time to shut up, by your logic.

  • Kinda Open-Minded

    I am not very supportive of the gay community, and I am comfortable with that. I am, however, supportive of providing the most amount of freedom possible for people (within limits). Gay marriage might not sit well in my stomach, but it really doesn’t have any impact on my life. I would be a hypocrite to tell the government to let me live my life the way I want, but at the same time refuse to let others have that same right. Gay marriage is a non-issue in the grand scheme of things, I’ll instead fight to keep my own money, that’s more relevant to my own life.

    • A

      While I disagree with you. I want to commend you on writing a response that was not so insulting to others.

      • Rainbow Kansan

        If you’re a male and don’t like same-sex marriage, then don’t marry another male. If you’re a female and don’t like same-sex marriage, then don’t marry another female.

        In the same aspects and controversies of these topics:
        If you don’t like guns, don’t buy guns and don’t own one.
        If you don’t agree with abortion, don’t partake in it.

        Religion has not a thing to do with same-sex marriage. I’ve known plenty of people who have been married that have simply gone to a courthouse and signed papers. Their heterosexual marriage had nothing to do with religion. Why is it that gays and lesbians can’t marry the same as any heterosexual couple that goes to the courthouse? Marriage is a legal term. Holy matrimony is the religious event that binds the man and woman with the church. Gays and lesbians are not asking for holy matrimony, but simply marriage.

        Churches still have the right to allow or not allow the marriage of a same-sex couple. The government is not infringing on the church’s belief systems.

        The new democracy will be controlled by younger generations. Change is coming.

        Equal rights for all.

        • american

          Personal gay people turn me off, but if that’s is how god created their brains to work, so be it. They should have the same rights as everyone else and if the church wants to stick their head in the government business ,then it is time to pull their tax status

  • inkslinger

    you people using religious rights as a plan of attack really crack me up. religious right don’t mean anything, its just a book that has been re-written to fit one’s own ideas so many times nobody knows whats true about Christ and god. remember separation of church and state?

    • A

      Well yes there is separation of chruch and state. But even if you legalize it, you cant force me to accept it.

      • american


        • A

          Yes but remember there is a ammendment that says FREEDOM OF RELIGON. Nothing about marriage though. My religon says being gay is wrong. Therefore you cannot force me to accept a law allowing it.

          • nick schmidt

            its religion. with two I’s. go back to grade school you brain dead hick.

  • Informed

    I consider myself a Christian, and a moderate. While I do not personally agree with gay marriage, who am I to decide whether it is right or wrong? I don’t have a problem with gay people at all. What I do have a problem with are people who call themselves Christians, and judge others, and push their ideas on others.

  • Interested

    Complete equality is the groundwork for a socialism society. I have a real problem with that. As long as there are differences in people, it is expected that there will not be total equality.

    I fail to see reward being given for not following the norms of society. The rate we are going trying to redefine what is “fair” and “equal” in this world we are going to destroy all groundwork ever set that defines morals and values and decency in this country.

    Where is it going to stop? First equal rights and marriage to the homosexual community. Next the people that see beastiality as normal wanting rights to marry an animal and get government recognition and tax breaks for it?

    I mean no offense but there has to be a standard somewhere set that cannot be altered.

    • Rainbow Kansan

      So you’re saying our government has to draw a line because love is not okay? People do not CHOOSE to be gay or lesbian, as you did not CHOOSE to be heterosexual. I personally cannot find myself to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex. You’re saying it’s okay for the government to restrict the acknowledgement of one’s love only because you’re afraid other things will come of it. If you don’t accept something, don’t be a part of it.

      I do not accept the use of marijuana, therefore I do not associate with the drug. Do people still continue to use it? Yes, but I do not because I don’t agree with it. It’s that simple… If you do not agree with same-sex marriage, do not take part in it. Leave your personal feelings out of it. You have no right to infringe on others’ rights only because you do not feel comfortable with the situation.

      • Interested

        If you choose to be in love with the same sex that is your decision. With that, accept your shortcomings with a government that defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

        Each and every government ruling or law that has been created that is intended to help individuals has criteria that has to be met. It was set long ago what the definition of marriage was and is.

        If you seek a civil union, more power to you. If you seek a marriage, then meet the criteria and fall in love with the opposite sex.

        Pretty damn simple.

        • Rainbow Kansan

          Marriage is only a legal term and as we know it many legal terms have changed over the years. Change is coming. Prepare yourself for it or ignore it. It will be my generation that changes this government.

          • Interested

            What generation are you?

            Change is inevitable. No argument there.

            Just because there is change though, does not substantiate it as a good change.

            I hope the generations to come make changes. I’d like to see changes where the U.S debt is reduced instead of increased substantially each year. I’d like to see a change in politics where no longer is policy set by who has the lobbyist with the most money to bribe but to what is good for the economy and the people. I would like to see change where policies in place work for the people instead of working for the government.

            I encourage your generation to make change as you suggest. I also encourage that care and caution is used instead of haste and carelessness to make change that is not for the good of the people and isolates only your personal agenda.

  • John

    So open-minded that we hide behind screen names. We haven’t come nearly as far as you would like to pretend.

    • Interested

      Not that I care, but isn’t that a lil like the pot calling the kettle black?

      I’m pretty sure there are more than 1 “John” in this county, let alone the state.

    • nick schmidt

      provide your personal info, name and address, and then you MIGHT have a point, d***ass.

  • nick schmidt

    how are you seriously going to try and write off the westboro baptist church as a “victim” to the rainbow painted house outside of a “church” that protests gay funerals?

    they dont just protest gays. the protest soldiers funerals. they call all soldiers sinners who deserve to die. theyre terrorists. theyre a hate group even christians refuse to allign themselves with. and you try and make them look like a victim? F**K YOU.

    • nick schmidt that’s the website, of the “church” you just defended. in your bulls**t SPIN on this subject. to try and make the owner of the rainbow house look wrong.

      the westboro baptists have protested EVERYTHING. for no reason. NO ONE outside of the family and a choice few two or three are allowed to attend their “church.” its not a church. its a cult. they dont praise jesus, or god, they hate people for no reason. And you just tried to spin this story as if THESE people were the victim.

      youre a F**king A**hole.

  • Ellis County resident

    Being gay, lesbian or a homosexual is about sexual preference. Marriage is a union between a man and a women, it is a simple as that. We can all start wishing what we want as our rights to be when it comes to marriage and the perks that come with it, but that does it mean it will happen. Marriage needs to remain as it has been, be it before God, a justice of the peace, or appointed official and between a male and a female. Couples who choose to live together, it does not matter if you are male/female or a combination of the two genders do not have these rights. Many of you state change is comming and be ready for it, I hope you are prepared for the consequences that come with it.

    • get off your high horse


  • Rainbow Kansan

    Most people don’t realize why gays and lesbians fight so hard for same-sex marriage. One does not realize the “perks” that come with marriage.

    An example: a lesbian couple spends their life together and one of the women is diagnosed with MS. She is admitted into the hospital, but her partner cannot visit her because she’s not part of the family. The doctors think of her partner as a friend not a lover. In this small instance, same-sex marriage mattered.

    • Interested

      That could simply be fixed by each individual listing the other person as their emergency contact. I am also pretty certain that there are other avenues that could be pursued to insure they could be by each other’s side in times described above.

      That is a very weak argument to encourage agreeing to same-sex marriage.

      • Rainbow Kansan

        Obviously you have never heard Zach Wahl’s story. I’ve posted a link to the youtube video from his speech in front of the Iowa legislation. Before you act like you know what is going on, you need to realize that one’s sexuality has nothing to do with one’s character.

        This video is also an example of why Tim Huelskamp is wrong about family.
        “The sexual orientation of my parents has had zero effect on the content of my character.” -Zach Wahls

        • Interested

          It is hard to debate a subject when there is constant wandering away from the topic. It seems that you have a real issue with sticking to the content at hand. “Acting like” and “knowing” are two real different levels of intelligence and perhaps you should do some research before coming on here and displaying your lack of knowledge for basic acts that can be done to secure the very wants you portrayed 2 posts up.

          No, I have not heard Zach Wahl’s story.

          Any functional family home with good values and upbringing does have a direct correlation on a youths outcome in their adult years. To say otherwise is blasphemy and to believe otherwise is ignorant. Not to mention the fact, complete disrespect towards ones parents to say they were not influential in the early years helping develop character.

          Back to your original thoughts….. A cut and paste below showing a 2010 order from our very own POTUS.

          ” Back in 2010, President Barack Obama ordered all hospitals receiving Medicare and Medicaid payments to allow patients to determine who has visitation rights and who can make medical decisions. This right, extended to gay and lesbian partners, is supposed to give designated persons the same rights as immediate family members.

          Obama said the new memorandum should “guarantee that all patients’ advance directives, such as durable powers of attorney and health care proxies, are respected,” and that designated persons should be able to “make informed decisions regarding patients’ care.” ”

          The link above for you to read yourself. While this mans partner had a power of attorney that was not recognized, that is not a matter of discussion at this point because it was real family (not inlaw) choice and hospital decisions that made the outcome as it be.

          Instead of demanding law, why not make peace with your mates closest family to secure your place by their side in the future in case of tragedy?

          You have many choices at your disposal to guarantee a place by your mates side. Many of them civil and require little effort and with minimal expense.

          Instead of waiting for a cure-all from the government, why are you not finding solutions yourself that are at your disposal now?

          Last but not least, you show me where I said anything about ones sexuality being connected to their character. Putting words down that were never wrote says something about character, or at bare minimum, reading and comprehension skills.

          • Rainbow Kansan

            Do heterosexual couples have to “make peace” with their partner’s family in order to see a sick relative such as a child or spouse? No they do not. Why should a gay couple be expected to “make peace” with their partner’s family? Only to see their relative just in case he or she was in the hospital for any reason.

            No, I did not read anything about anyone describing one’s character, but if you would watch the youtube video I posted you would understand why I discussed character.

            There are four main reasons why people do not accept same-sex marriage. Homosexuals cannot reproduce; that’s obvious. Not all heterosexuals reproduce. If same-sex couples cannot marry because they cannot reproduce, then any heterosexual couples that cannot reproduce should not be allowed to marry either.

            The second reason people disagree with same-sex marriage is that homosexuals cannot have families. The children need a female and male influence in their lives, therefore homosexuals cannot have a family. Apparently single parents should not be allowed to have families either. When homosexuals do have families, people are afraid they will make gay children. (Because heterosexual couples don’t make homosexual children)
            “Your family does not derive its sense of worth from being told by the state that you’re married. A sense of family comes from the commitment we make to each other to work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones. It comes from the love that binds us together.” -Zach Wahls

            Thirdly, homosexuality is unnatural. Nature has many instances in which homosexuality occurs. Zebras and giraffes often have homosexual tendencies, as do dolphins and bats.

            Lastly, people are afraid that legalizing same-sex marriage will make people gay. Just as hanging out with a black person will make someone black, or hanging out with a Christian will make someone a Christian.

            Gay activists fight for same-sex marriage because civil unions fail to offer the same benefits as a heterosexual marriage. In fact, let’s stop calling it same-sex marriage or gay marriage and call it what it really is–marriage. Love is love no matter what.

            The Bible is often referenced throughout this argument. We all can pull out certain instances in the Bible in which one of us is in the wrong according to God’s law. Who is one to judge, but God himself? He will judge us on our last day. People should not be subjected to religious scrutiny because that is an infringement on freedom of religion. Not allowing gay marriage is similar to not allowing people to practice certain religions.

            Anti-gay activists argue that the sanctity of marriage is at stake when people allow same-sex marriage. Celebrities marry for a day, then get divorced. (That’s pretty sacred, right?) Many Hays citizens have even been married and divorced several times. (That’s sacred too, right?) Heterosexual peers can marry and divorce as often as they see content, yet gays and lesbians cannot marry the person they love. Strangers should not have the ability to decide whom a person is able to marry. If heterosexuals are able to marry who they love, regardless of the brevity of the marriage, why can’t homosexuals marry the person they love, too?

            In conclusion, a homosexual is the same as a heterosexual. If you were to throw me into a line-up, I guarantee you would not pick me out as a homosexual, unless of course you knew me. Homosexuality is not a disease nor a disorder. There is no valid secular reason to discriminate against gay and lesbian individuals in the areas of family, marriage, employment, and all other forms of political or social equality. Gay marriage will not hurt society! It will simply allow homosexuals to marry and gain the same rights as heterosexual peers. It will not cause World War III or spread various plagues.

            People will continue to object to something they are afraid of: change.

  • get off your high horse

    Keep your religious beliefs out of my politics. You are going to Hell for judging people.