USD 489 has Many Job Openings

If you are looking for a career change or have relocated to the area, USD 489 has many vacancies available now. At this time there are teaching vacancies at Roosevelt, as a librarian; Hays Middle School for math; and The Learning Center as an ELL teacher. Not a licensed teacher, no problem – there are full and part time opportunites availabe inside and out of the classroom.

For all USD 489 Openings go to http://www.usd489.com/Employment.php

FULL TIME – ELL Teacher, The Learning Center of Ellis County

ROOSEVELT- Elementary Librarian

HAYS MIDDLE SCHOOL – Math / Algebra Teacher

Classified Vacancies
(Teaching Certificate not Required)

Hays High School Para – Multiple part-time special education para positions in a variety of settings

Part-time special education para in a resource setting at Ellis High School

Teacher Assistant for Early Childhood Connections (Munjor)

Assistant Cook – Floater Positions

Building Custodian for Hays Middle School

ELL (English Language Learners) Paraeducators

Computer Lab Supervisor at Wilson Elementary

Building Custodian for Hays High School

Dispatcher for the Transportation Service Center

Head Custodian for Washington Elementary

Part-time special education para at LaCrosse Middle/High School in a resource setting

Lead Teacher for Early Childhood Connections 0-3

Vocal Accompanist for Hays Middle School

Language Lab Supervisor for Hays Middle School

Part-time special education para in a resource setting at Wilson Elementary

Custodian for Roosevelt Elementary

Teacher/Family Assistant for Early Childhood Connections (Russell)

Full-time Payroll Assistant at USD 489

Rule 10 Vacancies
(Athletic Coaches)

HAYS HIGH – Assistant Track Coach

HAYS MIDDLE – Head Track Coach (7th/8th, Boys & Girls)

HAYS HIGH – Assistant GirlsTennis Coach

HAYS HIGH – Assistant Boys Tennis Coach

HAYS MIDDLE SCHOOL – Head Football Coach, 8th Grade

HAYS HIGH Assistant Boys Basketball Coach

HAYS HIGH – Assistant Cross Country Coach

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  • Uncle Thomas

    Hmmm…makes one wonder why all the vacancies! Lack of leadership, lack of recognition, lack of pay,…?

    • hmmmmm

      I would say retirement, and lack of pay

      • Uncle Thomas

        Leadership must fall in there somewhere

      • haysian

        been there. done that. complete and total lack of pay for a lot of the positions. once it’s divided throughout the year (people are paid during months off, however, it is part of the pay they would have received during the school year, divided up). and don’t even get me started on leadership (or total lack thereof). workplace politics are a joke!

  • town

    Or maybe there are openings because college students leave town at the end of the school year?

    • haysian

      they generally dont employ too many college students. most people who work the classified vacancies have second jobs. the one really good thing about these positions are the benefits. otherwise, pay has to be made up for elsewhere.

  • Uncle Thomas

    I pray this new school board will step up and make the tough decisions. It will be very difficult for the district for the next six months if they make the necessary changes NOW! The rewards will be forever far reaching.

  • Uncle Thomas