Charges filed in death of Hays Man

Brittnie June Walker Address: Longmont, CO Age: 21

Brittnie June Walker
Address: Longmont, CO
Age: 21

Charges were filed Tuesday against a 21-year old woman in connection with the Saturday June 15, death in rural Ellis County, of Jordan Dale Schreurs.

Count one in the case is Involuntary Manslaughter-Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs or in the alternative, Reckless Involuntary Manslaughter.

According to the complaint filed by the Ellis County Attorney’s office,  “Brittnie June Walker while under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs did unlawfully and unintentionally kill Schreurs in a reckless manner when she drove a car 25-45 miles per hour with Schreurs “surfing” (riding on top of) the vehicle and Schreurs fell off sustaining serious head and body injuries resulting in his death.”

Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees explained to Hays Post, “Was it unintentional because of the drunk driving or due to the reckless behavior?”

In addition, Walker is also being charged with failure to immediately report an accident resulting in death, a level 5-person felony.

In the early hours of Saturday June 15, Ellis County Sheriff’s officers and Emergency Medical staff were sent to a rural address Southwest of Hays. near 210th Avenue and Mt. Pleasant Road, for report of a man who had fallen from a moving vehicle.

Jordan Schreurs was transported to HaysMed with head injuries and then flown to the University of Kansas hospital where he died.

Walker remains in the Ellis County jail on $100,000 bond. Drees said she has not made a court appearance but could  as early as Wednesday.




  • chris

    not only was a young life taken, but here is a young life that has to live with the fact that due to her actions a life was taken and the friends and family (both hers and his) must suffer due to her actions and the victims actions.

  • Sad

    This is sad. I could see charges being filed if she had hit someone. The fact being he was riding on the hood leads me to believe he probably knew she was under the influence and had been parting with her. It is to bad we live in a society that there always has to be blame. Sometimes accidents happen. Could of it been prevented? Yes, but it was still an accident. My heart goes out to all parties involved in this horrible accident.

    • duh

      She aided in the death of a young man. Involuntary manslaughter is all she is getting, I call b.s. Fry her.

      • James

        Fry her?? He was voluntarily surfing on top of a car she was driving. Both quite likely had been drinking (the trial will tell). “Unintentional” here is key… the charges seem appropriate.

      • glad i moved

        Wow…seriously?!? Lets just make a horrible situation worse. We have all lost a great friend in the death of Jordan, lets just kill another young person!! Ahh! Death to all who are involved in an accident resulting in death!! Wow, we live in a sad, sad world today. It was an ACCIDENT!!! Personally, I think its a little soon to be pointing fingers and filing charges. Let the wounds at least BEGIN to heal before you take another loved one.

    • society

      My sympathy to all involved. But she is 21 years old, an adult. From the accounts she willingly broke the law by driving under the influence. Regardless of his state and his actions, if she had not chosen TO BREAK THE LAW and drive under the influence he would still be alive. She ultimately does have blame and if we take responsibility for our actions on the front end maybe things like this would not happen.

      • Dumb

        If she was sober and driving him around the top of the car that means he would have lived?

    • Allie

      Not only should she have not been driving under the influence, but with someone on her hood? Yes, he got on, but he didn’t make her drive. She should have stopped, told him to get off and this could have all been prevented. Not to mention she absolutely shouldn’t be driving under the influence and putting other innocent lives in danger. She chose to drink, she chose to get behind the wheel. Very irresponsible. She made those choice, so absolutely she is to blame. Now she has to deal with the consequences.

  • hmmm??

    This is a lose lose situation if you ask me.

  • Hmm…

    If they can file charges against this young lady, then they should file charges against the owners of the house/party throwers that resulted in the young girls death in the winter. They threw the party and are responsible for the people that attend said party. I can see why this girl got charged, but they should charge OTHER people that also do similar crimes.

    • TD

      Completely different! One case a teenage girl gets drunk, stoned and takes off into the country with no clothes on. Duh, her own damn fault. This is a case of two people knowingly doing something stupid and physics taking care of the rest. Bottom line, it’s all their own fault. It makes me sick that people are constantly looking for someone else to blame exept the people who (I’m sorry this will sound dark) got EXACTLY what they were asking for. You don’t show up to a party and tell the host, “if anything happens to me you’re screwed”. He should have and probably did know better and the same goes for her. Don’t compare the two deaths, no two are alike.

  • kryssi

    On the house party death no charges were filed because the girl left on her own accord, as in this death the girl was driving the car and the guy fell off resulting in death. Being present when the death happened, hence involuntary manslaughter plus she was drinking and driving

    • Still criminal

      The girl took of on her accord, but obviously social hosting and underage drinking was going on at the party. According to the law, the people supplying having the underage drinking party were at also responsible for her death. Both situations are very sad. Liquor and youth is a dangerous mix. My sympathies to the all parties involved.

      • glad i moved

        Just so you are aware, there obviously was an adult that supplied the alcohol bit, i personally guarentee it was not the people who own the house. There was only supposed to be a few close friends over, people started inviting other people and it got out of control. Plus, the tenats of the house are underage as well. How about getting some solid facts before you start pointing your finger.

    • haysian

      but the young man climbed on top of the car on his own accord…

      • patti

        when you get behind the wheel of a car you take on a big responsibility.whether his choice or not she should of not drove off.and any of them in that car had a responsibility to report it as it happened.they are supposed to be grown and damn well should of known better as far as calling the cops instead of a friend.sad situation for everyone involved.but i dont feel sorry for this girl at all

    • disappointed

      the so called young man there allowed the drinking…end of story and should of been charged.he allowed her to get drunk,allowed her to walk out…hes responsible.lets see how he feels when someone supplies his kid with alcohol and it gets hurt…karma

      • glad i moved

        Read my above comment. The tenats of he house are underage as well. Enough with the blame throwing and get some facts before you talk.

        • disappointed

          i really dont care it was his home,He allowed the party and everyone knows it

  • BB

    They where both at fault. They where both drunk and maybe on drugs. To bad someone had to lose his life over this.

  • Cap’n

    Pro-tip: Asking a rhetorical question is not the same thing as “explaining.”

  • lostinhays

    Drees failed seven years ago. Wonder what will happen this time

    • hmmmmm

      There was also a failure around 11 yrs ago with young man who died at the university apartments after being hit in the head with a bat. Seems to be a theme here.

      • lostinhays

        Same thing we are talking about. Drees could not convict anyone of the murder that happened

  • livelifeloud

    Its a shame that people are arguing and bickering weather there is someone to blame or not a life was taken I don’t know about everyone else but frankly i am sick and tired of people arguing about it. The friends and family of this amazing man would like not to come one here and see all the negative and judgmental comments that ignorant people have to say!! RIP Jordan Dale Schreurs as well as Citlatli Armendariz

    • heidi

      i totally agree with you here this is getting out of hand who really cares the facts are young kids passed in these situations and their family’s are mourning… why does everyone have to argue about it? its not going to change anything what you say on the hays post … go to college and be a lawyer or attorney if you think you can handle these cases win some you lose some who cares justice will be served in the end just be respectful to these families how would eveyone feel if the tables were turned and your family was being blasted all over the internet

  • unnecessary

    Both people in the car should be charged also. In case anyone didn’t know he was going to be a father. Now he won’t ever be here for his child.

    • disappointed

      I agree 100% yes he made that decision but they were all old enough to know better.and to not get him help right away is apalling.and that was their friend?theres consequences for our actions and if theyd think theyd realize that.i feel for his family but feel just as strongly about this young lady and the other one in the car should also face charges.

  • countryboy

    Basically like a case in another Kansas County. Drunk Driving Underage (if memory serves me right). Driver left the scene passenger was pinned under vehicle. Passenger dies at scene. Driver has that special name that they just get a few years in prison. The person that picked up the driver didn’t get charged with anything. Even though they left the scene of an accident and didn’t report it. I don’t recall who reported the accident. None the less two persons are now free walking around like nothing happened and another lost their life.

    • http://hayspost Hays-ite

      Would the case you’re referring to take place in Russell county involving a Russell county attorney’s son, If so, that was definitely a “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” case.

  • countryboy

    90% of the people on here partied like there was no tomorrow myself included. Many things have happened where somebody should have lost their life but by some strange reason we made it to live another day. It’s too bad things happened but bad decisions are part of growing up. Hopefully the ones that were part of, witnessed it, or just knew him/her that they learn a lesson and try not to repeat it. So before pointing fingers stand back and look at your history and remember the “STUPID” stuff you did when you was Stoned or Drunk or Both and felt 10 feet tall and Bullet Proof. This girl is going to live the rest of her life with this in her memory. locking her up will not bring the young man back. He was just as much at fault for this as she was. After all I just guessing that there was no GUN or Knife pointed at him that made him get on top of the car. If anyone is to blame it is some of these STUPID REALITY SHOWS.
    Just My Opinion.

    • Open Minded

      I agree countryboy. I remember riding with drunk friends (I was also intoxicated) and driving over the 7 hills north of hays at 90mph. Dumb: yes. Like you said though. I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof then. What happened is unfortunate. A good time gone wrong. Could of happened to any of us at that age.

      She is partially reaposible to be sure. I think the young man-whom if feel sorrow for the family-was also responsible for the outcome.

    • Frank

      Charging this girl for DUI, absolutely the right thing. Holding her responsible for
      Jordan’s death is insult to an already horrible situation for everybody involved. It solves NOTHING! Come on, Drees, stop being a pompous, a-hole. Have you no shame?

      • disappointed

        shes the one who should have shame…not drees, hes just doing his job

  • Hays

    This same girl had a DUI prior and failed to report the accident right away because she didn’t wanna get in trouble. So if you ask me she deserves it, she was more worried about herself then Jordan. He was the one that needed the help and should have been at the hospital a lot sooner. But this idiot didn’t care, she didn’t want to get in trouble again. You all can say what you want and I will continue to do the same thing, but what I don’t understand is how all you can make excuses and back up the poor actions that were takin that night. The bottom line is, someone was killed. Who cares if they were minors or not. Look at the bigger picture. Stop making up excuses and blaming others for what happened.

    • hmmmmm

      From what I have read in these post, not many people are blaming others, but are saying that she is not the only one at fault, and people shoudl not point all of this at her. Yes she has some fault here, so does Jordan, as well as other people that were involved that could have stepped as well. Not one person is totally at fault, and not one of them is exempt from fault.

      Praying for Jordan, and his family, as well as Brittnie and her family.

      • disappointed

        she was the driver so bears the majority of the responsibility but the others in car should face lesser charges.i never lived so recklessly to a previous post so I see nothing to change my opinion.being young and feeling 10 ft tall is no excuse.she should of been praying a long time ago..

  • UGH!

    Seriously know the whole story before commenting on these… I personally know the person who had to report this incident to the police due to the fact that the other two in the vehicle didn’t report it right away instead called some friends for help. He had tried to get the keys from her and she refused to give them to her…he got on top of the vehicle probably thinking she wouldn’t drive off but she did. Therefore it should be her fault..and the other person in the vehicle should be charged with not reporting the accident right away too. R.I.P Jordan…you are greatly missed!

  • hmmm2

    If he was going go be a ” father” why was he out drunk with this girl acting like a jackass.? No sense..

    • Hm

      Being drunk is different than having friends purposely endanger your life. Whether you’re intoxicated or not.

  • Just my 2 cents….

    Hays-ite it sounds a lot like the case in Russell county. Only the driver who ran away from the scene was a nephew of that attorney who got him off with a slap on the wrist.
    And yes it was a “you know who my uncle is” deal.

  • Honestly

    If they were his friends, why did they let him “car surf”? why didn’t they stop him? why didn’t they simply just not drive while he was on the car? I still believe both individuals in the car showed be charged. They should be held responsible. You don’t have to drive the car while he’s on top of it, you don’t have to let him get on top of the car. If those two women were believed to be his friend and love him so much; why let him endanger his life like that?

  • .::.

    As a friend of Jordan’s I think that you all making this into a debate and arguing over facts is stupid!!! We all have to living without our friend, son, cousin, brother, and father. Have some respect… What if it was you or your son that this happened too, would you want all of this Wong said? What if his child looks up his name and sees this, sees all of you talking bad about his father and the facts about what happened… God you all are judgmental people that have nothing better to do with you life!!!!

    • disappointed

      this area is for comments and one is saying anything bad about him, just that his so called friends involved,should of known better,and bore some responsibility.ya ought to be more worried about show his son that you cared enough to fight for his dad and those who hurt him.not tried sweeping it under the rug.

  • Frank

    Stop judging, .::.

  • Ugh

    Why isn’t Tera Rollins being charged? Why is she NEVER mentioned on Hays Post? She has fault in this also.

  • disappointed

    UGH , my thoughts exactly…maybe she shouldn’t be charged as severly but she should be charged with something.

  • Hays

    Why are comments closed in the article about Vine Street construction, but left open in an article like this, for people to gossip and create more problems? HaysPost, get it together, if you want tone a respected news outlet.