Wind Developer Abandons Ellis County Project

While one commercial developer of wind projects, Invenergy, LLC, recently received a conditional use permit from Ellis County, another Iberdrolahas now informed local residents they have abandoned their effort to develop a wind project in Ellis County.

In 2008, Ellis County Commissioners approved a conditional-use permit allowing Iberdrola Renewables, LLC to proceed with a Hays wind project.

In a registered letter delivered to many residents in the area today, Iberdrola Renewables, LLC said, “A variety of circumstances have led the company to the conclusion that it cannot move forward with developing the wind resources on the Property. As such, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Iberdrola Renewables, LS is terminating the Agreement effective July 20, 2013. Iberdrola Renewables, LLS will execute the record and memorandum evidencing the release of any rights and interest in the property. Also, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, should a meteorological tower be currently located on your property, it shall be removed as soon as practicable. We appreciate your prior commitments and confidence in Iberdrola Renewables, LLC and thank you for your interest in renewable energy development. “

A representative for Iberderola did not immediately return calls for further comment

  • thetruth

    YES ! pack it up and take it back to your foreign country

  • Darwin

    Yes please take your money with you too.. Oh wait. Shoot…..

    • Reality Check

      They will just take it to a different county. I know that there are supposed to be some turbines going up in Smith County eventually, most of the people there are glad for it!

  • all wind opponents are morons

    Morons. All of you. Wow, a power source that requires no inputs and minimal maintenance (oops that also employs some people). “But my cows will get sick!” “they are ugly!” “My neighbor will make a bunch of money and I will not get any!” Tough! You want energy independence but only if you can make a buck off of it. Shame….

    • aaa

      Cell tower in middle of hays

  • http://hayspost All wind proponents are idiots

    An expensive unreliable energy source that our power grid can only handle 7% of. Wind energy would not exist in this country without U.S. government subsidies. Wind energy cannot be stored and has to be used as it is made. Wind energy would not exist without being propped up by tax dollars because it is not profitable.

    • Frank


      • http://hayspost Tom

        Actually with a small amount of time you can verify this yourself with a Google search. Just about everything they said is true. Don’t shoot the messenger.

        • Frank

          Sources? For one, it can be stored, at least some of it can be. I’m happy to shoot the messenger when the messenger is full of it.

        • Wha?

          Check your google sources. Do u think coal and oil companies aren’t putting out their own propaganda on this. Your nieve to the world, Tom.

    • haha

      We should get rid of the interstate system then too. Damn government investing in infrastructure. OMG. Get rid of the current power grid then too. Bridges, GPS satellites, Farm subsidies. Get rid of it all. I liked the 12th century. I’m with your brotha!

      • http://device GARY


    • haha

      I agree. Government and private business can word together to accomplish good things.

    • aaa

      Lol cannot be stored, neither can any other energy source

  • Just my 2 cents….

    That’s what a lot of this comes down to- the haters aren’t making any money off the turbines
    Wah wah. Don’t complain about your electric bill in the future.

    • tatslady

      You are EXACTLY right! I even heard it out of the mouths of one of them from Yocemento. IDIOTS!!

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    At this point wind energy is one of the most expensive forms of energy therefore driving up the cost of your energy bill. Perhaps as technology increases, and should we reinvest in our infrastructure and update our power grid, wind energy can become a viable and affordable renewable energy resource.

  • A

    WOW look at the maturity here, calling people names cause they don’t agree with you. There are pro’s and con’s to wind. I don’t like them and don’t want them near me. Instead of saying that someone is full of it, go find the information that proves him wrong and post it. If they are so great go buy a small one and put it in your yard.

  • Haysite

    The city of Hays again fails, this is not a surprise. That’s what happens when you have people who run the city who also think they own it.

    • passin_threw

      Pretty sure it was the county that failed not the city. All because if a handful of nut jobs that moved to the country on a small acreage

  • This is Ellis County most self centered county in the country. All for 1 screw everyone else

    you know what is really screwed up. You got all these born last night on the bandwagon Environmentalist that are dead set against wind power i mean because it doesn’t put money in there pocket and god forbid your neighbor gets a little ahead. All the while that Government Funded NSA CIA Joint Research and Testing Facility masquarding as a University builds one of the most advanced Military Dual Weapon/Weapon Detections Systems ever conceived a mile outside of town on the Golf Course Road.. They don’t even know what this thing is capable of yet but they think when fully developed this thing can pump enough electricity in to the Ionosphere to make make rain on the moon or maybe not rain in Russia for like 10 years. But thats BS conjecture. But whats not is it also happens to be the way we communicate and deliver HBO to submarines at operating depth and speed halfway around the world without them having to stop. Ultra low Frequency or bouncing massive amounts of energy off the ionosphere or low earth orbit as some call it might have some some environmental impact but who knows. but what we do know is them wind turbines can cause your cattle to go batshizz crazy and theoretically Superdarn(thats its name) can cause earthquakes.. Dont believe it Google it better yet go to you tube and Google it. Im just pissed they built us the little one I mean thry could of built us the Super sized one they call Harp. We got hosed

    • A

      And what do you think they built?

  • Uncle Thomas

    keep the wind out! keep buying the oil my wells are pumping in ellis county! see I do have an interest in this fine county…all the way to the bank :)

    • american

      wind power is never going to displace oil, there are just to many things made from oil (think plastics) plus gasoline. but were does gas produce electrical power besides small gas generators?

      • Wha?

        someday we WILL have to replace oil. You do realize oil comes from a billion years of dead animals correct? Mostly sea life. I realize most people around here are theologians who think the earth is 6000 years old and think “GOD” will save us if we f#*k things up. I however live in reality. The oil will run out one day. So do we go back to whale oil then? That won’t last long. Better to start now before it’s to late.

  • WOW


  • Don’t Miss EllisCo

    It may not be the most efficient and cost effective energy source, but those dollars are going to be pumped into someone’s local economy. It’s not like new revenue sources are beating down the doors of Ellis County. Say no to pretty much gifted money, say yes to continued minimum wage crap service jobs in Hays. I don’t miss living there one bit.

    • http://device GARY

      Grumpy Cat says GOOD DON’T COME BACK

  • ooh lala

    Leave it to negative, greedy nuts of Hays ‘Merica.. cutting down on even a small amount of the crap we pump into our atmosphere is a positive start! They’re great! The kids love seeing them and it’s a great conversation starter on how we can work and encourage them to preserve this big blue home of ours, and we have an endless amount of wind that can be using to our advantage..Yea, the infrastructure has to be paid for now, but then we have a free and healthy energy source in the future. We need to be thinking about our children and the fact that we brought them into this world that is dying from our carelessness.

    • A

      Well there not so great when there in your backyard

      • ooh lala

        I would LOVE one in my backyard

      • tatslady

        What’s the matter A? Were they going to be close enough for you to see but not on your land directly? No money in your pocket from them huh? That’s what everyone was complaining about and we all know who the lead ringer of the clan was, now don’t we?

        • A

          Oh and who was the ringer leader of the “clan”

        • A

          Unlike some people in this world I am not driven by money in all my decisions. I dont care if they were going to put them on land I own or not. I would say no to any amount of money they offered me. I understand that may be hard for you to grasp but my reasons for opposing them isnt greed based.

  • Free Thinker

    Congratulations Ellis county! Your short-sightedness has enabled you to fail at utilizing the one resource you have in abundance. *slow clap*…

  • http://hayspost Chris

    I am not concerned for the future of your children. Let them plunder & pillage the world’s natural resources as previous generations have.

    • ooh lala

      Please don’t procreate.

      • http://hayspost Chris

        I am not so narcissistic that I feel compelled to pollute the earth with a bunch of little copies of myself. Should I choose to breed I will do so without a thought as to your wishes.