Insurance Commissioner Stops Listening


(AP) – Outgoing Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger admits she no longer fits into the state Republican party she has served for most of her life.

Praeger, who is in her final term as insurance commissioner, favors abortion rights and gun control, and is a strong supporter of the new health insurance plan called Obamacare. All those positions put her at odds with the current Republican party establishment, including Gov. Sam Brownback.

Praeger, who was mayor of Lawrence, a state representative and a state senator before becoming Insurance Commissioner, says she will end her public service career after her current term is completed.

State Rep. Scott Schwab, a former Johnson County Republican chairman, says that somewhere along the line Praeger stopped listening to her constituents.

  • Hmmm

    I think abortion, restricting gun rights and more government control of our health care system are positions that have always been at odds with the majority of Republicans. I wonder why she is just now coming to this realization?

    • Reality Check

      Seriously?? Even Reagan supported gun control!

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    As a public servant her duty is to her constituency and not her own personal beliefs or feelings. It is good that she resign if she has recognized that her personal beliefs could compromise her obligations to constituents. That goes for all public servants regardless of political affiliation.

  • BB

    Can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

  • http://hayspost american

    No some were along the way the rebs stopped listening and join up with the crazies on the far far righty wrongs

    • Chris

      Not so eloquently stated, but I do agree

    • Reality Check

      Exactly! Which is why I dropped my republican affiliation about 10 years ago, when the crazy started.

  • Too much corporate power

    Nice title, Hays Post – choosing Praeger’s opponent’s quote. “no longer fits” or “admits she doesn’t belong” would have been much less biased. Are these articles written by journalists or does our local Tea Party decide these things for the HP?

    • Republican party not listening

      Agreed. What a biased title. The Republican party these days is out of control. They would have won the election if not for thinking they needed to bow to extreme-right tea party craziness. Meanwhile they will be the first to blame Obama when Kansans have a mess to deal with because Brownback – out of spite – sent back millions of federal dollars to expand medicaid and help set up exchanges. So who wasn’t listening then? The country voted – Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.

  • Jerry

    Pro death (vs pro life) and pro gun control (vs second amendment) . Time to join the Democrats