KHAZ Country Music News: Zac Brown Band Membership Gives Family Man John Driskell Hopkins Plenty of Time at Home

khaz zac brown band 20120626Balancing his membership in the Zac Brown Band with his role as a father can get delicate for bass player John Driskell Hopkins.  Fortunately, he’s in a band that gives him the best of both worlds.

“Being away from the family is always the hardest part,” John tells Buffalo.com.  “But the guys in the band and I feel like we’re living two lives — the rockstar life and the daddy life.  We don’t go on tour for months at a time.  We’ll be gone for four or five days and then we’ll be home for four or five days.”

John knows that kind of touring schedule is a walk in the park compared to what other musicians go through leaving their families behind.

He says, “Some bands are gone for months and they come back with the locks on the door changed.  We really value family time so we make sure it’s a priority.”

Check out ZacBrownBand.com to see where they’re playing next.

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