Art Advocates, Schwaller Unhappy with Funding Moves

Arts advocates have criticized the Kansas Commerce Department’s decision to roll over $400,000 in arts funds into the next two fiscal years.

Henry Schwaller IV

Henry Schwaller IV

Kansas Citizens for the Arts chairman Henry Schwaller IV of Hays said the decision means $400,000 that was designated for arts grants won’t be spent this fiscal year, which ends June 30.

Secretary of Commerce Pat George says rolling over “unspent” funds into future years gives the commission more flexibility in administrating grant programs.

The argument is the latest in ongoing disputes between arts advocates and Gov. Sam Brownback, who in 2011 abolished the Kansas Arts Commission, costing Kansas about $1.3 million in federal and regional matching funds.

Last year, the state established the Kansas Creative Arts Commission and placed it under the Commerce Department.

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  • Uncle Thomas

    Too bad, so sad… tax payers no longer will flip the bill for Kansas Citizens for the Arts chairman special interest! Dig into your own pockets…or grandpa’s and fund it yourself if it means so much to you.

  • Henry

    Sounds like you have a ax to grind, Uncle Thomas. Next time, check the facts on a story and follow the rules for posting here.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Ok I perused the verbiage one more time. Yes I appreciate the arts, but feel this should be self funded through private donation…not tax dollars. Yes I feel the Chairman uses it as a personal venue to be in front of the media and for political purposes.

    • Henry

      You may “feel,” that, Uncle Thomas, but the chairman was appointed to his position first by the governor, then reappointed by the president of the Senate. All funding for the arts comes from lottery proceeds, not tax dollars

  • How about…

    …letting me keep my own money and deciding to whom my support should go?