Kansas Man Shames Son with Roadside Sign


A northeast Kansas man who made his 9-year-old son stand by a highway with a sign admitting he lied about stealing says he had to take a hard line.

The boy’s two-hour stint drew strong reactions from people driving along U.S. 36 in Wathena on Friday morning.

Some honked or pulled over to shake the father’s hand. Others called it child abuse, and one man pulled the sign from the boy’s hand before the father retrieved it.

The sign read, “I like to steal and lie about it!”

The father says he devised the punishment after the boy lied about stealing video games and a console from a neighbor’s home. He called his son “a wonderful kid” but says he needed to learn a lesson.

  • http://HaysPublicNews Swayze

    I like it. Less painful than the butt whoopins’ that used to get dished out, but equally effective.

  • Sarah

    Could have always called the cops on his son, you have to be ‘harsh’ and ‘unfair’ with these types of situations.

  • tatslady

    Whatever happened to an old fashioned butt whoopin’? I like this idea too though.

    • Hmmm

      A butt whoopin’ only lasts so long, humiliation lasts much longer.