Commision Talks Water

hays ks logoThe water supply situation bleak despite recent rains and water was among topics discussed at Thursday’s City Commission work session.

1. Commissioners moved the renewal of commercial insurance to next Thursday’s commission meeting.

2. Commissioners moved the vote to accept the low bid for 13th Street Overlay to next Thursday’s commission meeting.

3. Commissioners heard a report from Brian Meier on the Big Creek Aquifer.

4. Various Water Issues were discussed; commissioners heard a report from Bernie Kitten on the current status of the Hays Water Supply.

5 .Commissioners moved the vote to stop the allowance of water to customers outside city limits to next Thursday’s commission meeting.

6. Commissioners tabled an amendment to the Water Conservation Plan for a later meeting.

  • Hmmmm…

    The time to conserve water is now! Watering grass should be the least of our worries. Before we turn a tap on in our homes and NOTHING comes out, we need our city and county leaders to enact more aggressive conservation practices now.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Is the commissions spokesman saying lets spend money pumping from the ranch so he doesn’t loose any voters via water complaints? It sounded smug like lets spend money so everyone can smile and be friends. I certainly hope that is not the case. If we need to spend money to pump water to Hays then lets definitely stop outside watering, detailing shops etc. We should use that source extremely conservatively in hopes the primary well fields and cedar bluff are able to replenish.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Agreed! They should have an understanding of the aquifers…plenty of studies paid. They should have an understanding of the quality and quantity. They should have been aggressively pursuing a campaign to inform the citizens no outside watering back in April! Shut down the car washes, detail shops, etc

    • BB

      How about the auto sprinklers that come on at 5 a.m. and water running down the curb. That is a waste. Even after a nice rain drive down some streets and you see the sprinklers going and water running. That should be a big ticket.