Bank Closing Downtown

Emprise Bank , 1200 Main Street in downtown Hays.

Emprise Bank , 1200 Main Street in downtown Hays.

Emprise Bank announced today that they will permanently close their branch location at 1200 Main Street in downtown Hays.

Officials at the bank said that the
consolidation from three branches to two has been a topic of discussion for several years. Future use of the building has not yet been determined, but Emprise does plan to vacate the building. No official closing date has been set.

In conjunction with the closing of the downtown branch, Emprise has plans for a significant remodel to expand their location at 1011 East 27th Street. Plans for the remodel are in process, and a closing date for the downtown branch will be determined once the remodel plans are finalized.
“We are committed to serving the Hays community,” said Wayne Woofter, Hays Market President. “We’re confident that we can continue to serve the needs of our customers through our east and west locations, and we’re extremely excited for the remodel of our east branch to begin.”

  • Hays

    They could turn that into the new jail!

  • chris

    maybe another place to eat at in this town, or cervs could open up another location there

  • Uncle Thomas

    How about a larger Taco Shop that serves snowballs! When relatives go back to Hays they always say they hit T Shop and grab a snowball. Plenty of parking…

  • outer limits

    Another Hays State Bank building in the making? It can handle more pigeon poo than the old HSB building.

  • BB

    Another building going to set empty. That would make a nice jail. Probably cheaper then what they are doing now.

  • Empty?

    Building set empty? Jail? Are you all sure about that? Have you ever been in the building? You might want to visit with the all of the tenants on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, along with the remaining tenants on the north end of the first floor.. They may have a different opinion. This move would vacate only a portion of the first floor, and only the sixth floor is currently empty since the closure of Rooftops. Not exactly an empty building.

  • Hmmm

    Its unfortunate that Emprise Bank isn’t going to continue to support the growth of the Downtown area!

    • american

      I guess they don’t need my money any more

      • passin threw

        hahahaha that’s a top 5 “dumbest things american ever said” comment right there. so your banking institution closes a location because economically it isn’t good for their business to continue to maintain and you are ready to bail out on them because it isn’t going to be EASY for you anymore. this is exactly why you are ok with obama and his economics plan. obama has yet to do anything that makes sense to benifit any of us in the long term yet you are ok with it because it’s EASY for you. thank you for making it so EASY to make the comparison.

  • Blind r

    Hmmm: pretty stupid comment. I’m thinking you said that when Commerce left also?

    It’s a business decision. Nothing more, nothing less. And as American thinks, they probably “don’t need yo money”.

    Ignorance continues to abound……