WaKeeney City Council Meeting Minutes of June 4, 2013


                The Governing Body of the City of WaKeeney, Kansas met in a regular session at City Hall 408 Russell Ave at 7:00 PM with the Mayor presiding and the following members present:

Mayor Kenneth Roy and Council Members Irene Dirks, Troy Leiker, Lynelle Shubert, and Allen Weigel

BEING ABSENT: Mary Jo Clevenger

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written, printed and distributed.

                GUESTS:  Wanda Mai, Wanda Boxberger, Wanda Pfannenstiel, Louella Kaiser, Laura Malsam, Nancy Bollig, Darrell Hladek, and Janelle Miller

Darrell Hladek, WaKeeney City Fire Chief was present before the Governing Body to present his departmental report and 2014 budget request.

Louella Kaiser, WaKeeney City Librarian, was present before the Governing Body to present a summary of activities at the library for the past year and the library’s 2014 budget request.  Louella and members of her board were thanked by the Governing Body and took their leave.

CITY ADMINISTRATOR:  Hardy Howard presented a building / moving permit for Floyd and Darlene Schneider to move a mobile home onto a vacant lot at N. Main and Hazel Avenue.  After a lengthy discussion, Irene Dirks motioned to approve the permit as presented.  The motion died for a lack of a second.  The permit was tabled pending additional information.

An engineering estimate for the repaving of the access road at the Triplett Truck Plaza was reviewed.

The replacement of the city street name signs was discussed.  Samples and quotes will be obtained prior to moving ahead with their replacement.

Due to the much improved drought conditions it was the consensus of the Governing Body to lift the fireworks ban for the 2013 Independence Day holiday.  A final decision will be made at the June 18, 2013 meeting.

At this time an ordinance making appropriation for the payment of claims for the month of May 2013 was read, whereupon, Troy Leiker motioned to approve claims in the amount of $204,760.67.  Irene Dirks seconded.  Motion carried.  Warrants #9200, #9215, #9232, and #9234 were reviewed prior to approval.

No further business appearing, the meeting was adjourned.