Sound OFF: Tuition Going UP… Is the cost of college still worth the investment?

Money-Dollar-Sign-002The cost of attending a state university is getting more expensive. The Kansas board of regents on Wednesday approved another tuition rate increase for state universities in Kansas.

Is the cost of college worth the investment? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • Alex

    Hell no it’s not worth the cost. Get a job in the oilfield and put the money in the bank.

    • Chris

      Yea, because that’s a lifetime career. LOL

    • Seriously?

      Sorry, I would prefer to enjoy my life. That includes the work that I do.

  • chris

    maybe if they trimmed off some of the required classes. use to be if a student took 12 credit hours a semester they would be done in 4 years, now to be done in 4 years one would need to take 18 or more credit hours a semester.

    is there really a need to take appreciation of music if your not a music major, is there a need to take intro to theater if your not a theater major, is there a reason to take introduction to computers if your not a computer major. there are many classes that could be cut out especially if the class is a repeat of what was taken in high school.

    it is much better to go to a trade school, learn a trade, get into the career field them if one wants to they can take classes on the side to get a college education.

    If a monkey could be trained for space flight us humans could get trained to do careers without all the unnecessary courses required to graduate college just to pad the pockets of the elite administration of state universities.

  • generation x’er

    We still need Teachers and Doctors and Nurses, and to be licensed in those fields you need college.

    But the wheels of history continue to turn. I would say if you are unsure of what you want to do, stay home and do it your self. Use multi-modal online open course-ware or MIT OCR:

    Our current economic system, based on industrialism, has had a good run, but the wheels of history continue to turn.

    For gosh sakes, don’t live off of student loans. You will never be out of debt if you do.

  • S

    Many people take out student loans to live off of. Student loans when they aren’t sure of there major. People change majors, change schools and end up wasting money and time.

    Some careers and degrees are worth it. Some aren’t.

    If you don’t know what you want to do or don’t want to work hard for it it can quite easily be a waste of money.

    I graduated with two degrees with zero debt and have a good career. I know a lot of people who don’t. It’s possible though.

  • http://hayspost millennial

    I want to go to college & get the party experience and I want the government to pay for. Shouldn’t the government be reinvesting in it’s future?

    • american

      not in yours

      • http://hayspost millennial

        Your generation has stolen enough from mine and saddled us with your debt. Time to pay it back. Free higher education for all. Mine included after all that’s the american way.

    • chris

      gotta keep the bars in business

  • http://ea ?

    Hey just go and become a University Pres.
    New incomes from last year.
    KU KS $60.000.00
    FHSU $11.250.00
    Not bad