Regents Approve Raises for Hammond and other University Leaders

(AP) — The leaders of six universities in Kansas are getting raises. FHSU President Dr. Ed Hammond will now receive just over $266,000 a year, with the $11,250. HAMMOND CONTRACTSincrease.

The State Board of Regents on Thursday approved the raises but stressed they would be funded through foundations at the schools, not by taxpayer money. The board members said the raises closed a salary gap with leaders at peer institutions. The raises are effective July 1.

University of Kansas chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and Kansas State President Kirk Schulz each got $60,000 pay increases.

Other raises for presidents include: John Bardo, Wichita State; $15,000;  Steve Scott, Pittsburg State; $6,000; and Michael Shonrock, $11,250.

The board also approved an $8,000 bonus for Regents President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Tompkins.



  • Hays

    An $11,000 raise and a $266,000 annual salary, with housing, vehicles and travel expenses paid????? Must be a really tough life.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Most likely a membership to the golf course, his wife can accompany him on trips,…!

    • hahahahaha

      You forgot the maid service and food that is often paid by the taxpayer as well

  • Haysian

    Oh he even gets a clothing allowance….no wonder tuition rates keep going up, up, up.

    • Hays

      I guess we can be thankful the $11,000 raise isn’t being paid by taxpayers, huh?

  • Good

    Dr. Hammond does a really good job for the university, I don’t always agree with everything he does but he is really good with raising money and keep costs low. He is really good at more with less. Look around University Campus’s around the Midwest that are similar size, how many new or renovated buildings do you see? Fort Hays is growing while keeping Tuition down, that’s not easy! He earns his money!

    • Hays

      I can’t and won’t argue that Dr. Hammond has done a really good job for the University. For that kind of salary, he dang well should! A leader is only as strong as his/her team, and the majority of Dr. Hammond’s team (especially his support staff) is greatly underpaid. $11,000 goes a long way in this day and age, and a $266,000 salary is just crazy when most of the support staff on-campus make $8 to $12 an hour. I find it interesting that you see FHSU tied to many different activities and sponsorships in this area, but you rarely see Dr. Hammond’s name tied to anything. Perhaps he could spare a few dollars to give back to those less fortunate.

    • joe

      Tuition just went up, and He gets a pay raise. Why dosen’t he use that extra 11G to set up a Deans scholar ship. I’m sure there are some kids that need it

  • BB

    I don’t care for the man. And don’t like his raise. Spending Eddie.

    • Uncle Thomas

      He does have a nice politician smile :)!

      • BB

        That is for damn sure.

  • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

    Announced just days after the announcement of a hike in tuition. Great timing. Either completely oblivious to public perception or apathetic to it.

    • Uncle Thomas

      My vote…APATHETIC!

  • japherd

    What a guy could do with $11,000.00/ I’ m sure every state employee thinks their due for a raise/ Apparently not every state employee is treated equally as the leader of this university

  • GHJ

    Blame your F’n governor for tuition rates going up not Ed, listen to the news once in a while!

    • Citizen

      I think you need to listen to the news every once and a while! The Governor did not want to cut spending on higher education.

      • Duh

        It was his tax plan that caused the budget crunch at the state level, and all subsequent cuts to funding and services. He just didn’t want higher education cut, It still didn’t stop the financial reality of his tax plan from catching up to higher ed. Its simple cause and effect, Citizen.

        • http://hayspost american


  • hays sucks

    The hard working employees at FHSU haven’t had raises in years and are barely scraping by..This old douchebag should decline this raise and see to it that the real staff who maintain and upkeep that second class institution are rewarded..

    • I call BS

      They have had raises… this year they got free park permits.
      Get your facts right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://hayspost american

        None of my relatives got a raise in 5 years and everyone should be able to park free in the first place

      • japherd

        cost of living offsets the parking permit fee so really back to square one/ no raise no gain

      • what?

        Boy!!!! You dont have a clue. You can say they got a raises all you want. Just because YOU say it does not make it so. I know plenty of people who have not gotten raises, in eight long years. For Ed to except this raise is shameful. Also, charging employees to park at their place of employment is just plain selfish. You get your facts stright and take you head out of then sand. There are people in the City of Hays eeking out a living on what Hammond is getting for a raise. I can’t imagine you having the fist clue about having to live like that. So go stick your head back in the sand where it belongs because you have lost touch with reality.

  • too much corporate power

    Out of all of the Regents schools, FHSU has had the lowest tuition, the least in tuition increases, and the greatest % increase in student enrollment for the past several years.

    But the Regents gave the greatest pay increases to KU & KState heads. WTF?

    • american

      one word “sports”

      • Uncle Thomas

        Right on American…that was not difficult to conclude!

  • hahahahaha

    “Folks, it looks like we are going to need to raise tuition (for my raise)” Dr. HemMud

  • chris

    he needs to retire and get out of here, get someone else in there who can do the same for half the price, after all that is what all other businesses are doing’ he is a crook, a lowlife, and many other things.

  • Wow

    I certainly wish I could get an 11,000 raise.. While he does a good job, he does not deserve that much of a raise during these times.