USD 489 Honors Three Board Members

Three long time school board members were honored for many years of service at last night’s USD 489 board of education meeting. Near the end of the regularly scheduled meeting, outgoing board members Sharon Befort, Rich Kraemer and Alan Moore made final remarks.

Befort a board member for 16 years said, “It’s pretty simple; sometimes challenging, always rewarding. I just want to thank the community for trusting me for the past 16 years to be an advocate for your children. I hope I served you well.”

Rich Kraemer was first elected to the board in 2001. He said, “It’s been a pleasure to serve on the board and people often ask why would you serve on that board. It’s a thankless job. An example (of why) tonight is the track team. You go to musicals and plays. It has its benefits. Thank you.”

During emotional comments, Alan Moore, a board member since 2004 said, “I want to thank the constituents of the district for placing their trust in me. I just appreciate the opportunity to try and make our district better. So many times you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. I think the community of Hays is blessed with an excellent educational environment and district. We have some compassionate and caring members, teachers, staff, students, and parents. It’s a group effort. I just hope that the decisions I participated in truly did reflect what was best for the students and I appreciate the opportunity to serve.”

In other meeting highlights:

There will be no course fees for students next year. There will only be the $100 enrollment fee, a materials fee  and a $30 technology fee.

Approved the Board of Education authorization for the board president to sign the superintendent’s contract.
Approved the personnel transactions except for new positions under the supplemental contract.
Approved the 403B Plan Document with the board president’s signature.
Approved purchase of the Rosetta Stone Software for Hays Middle School.
Approved the Nutrition Services Milk Bid with F & A.
Approved the date of July 1 for the Board of Education Organizational meeting.
Approved the Professional Negotiation Act Extension of Time with Hays NEA and SEIU.
Approved the Audit Request for Proposal bid by Adams, Brown, Beran and Ball.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Please say it isn’t so…”Approved the Board of Education authorization for the board president to sign the superintendent’s contract”

    • Uncle Thomas

      Was this a gift from the exiting members?

  • Uncle Thomas

    I keep looking back waiting for a correction. I thought this was a typo “Approved the Board of Education authorization for the board president to sign the superintendent’s contract.” Why is the board giving the superintendent a contract extension? The top half dozen salaried personnel at the district should be replaced effective July 1st!