Tuition Will Go Up at FHSU, says President

FHSU TigerTuition prices will be going up at Fort Hays State University and other Regents institutions.

The state legislature has cut the schools’ budgets 1.5%.

That’s a reduction of more than $845,000 for Fort Hays State. President Ed Hammond is not happy but he hopes the loss of state funding will be mitigated by savings in energy costs when the university’s two new wind turbines go on line August 1:

Hammond says FHSU will propose a 3.42% tuition increase next year and an increase of 47 cents per credit hour in required fees,or 1.43%.

  • Oh Well

    Oh well…….I will have to pay less in taxes and the students going to FHSU will have to pay a little bit more for there education, I am really okay with that!

  • Beth

    Let me know when your taxes go down, “Oh Well.” Mine have not.

    Also, college graduates earn more money and pay more in taxes. Did you think about that, or are you just concerned about your problems?

    • Oh Well

      You should actually read what I wrote, I did NOT say my taxes will go down, I said I will have to pay less, because a Kansas State Goverment entity is getting less tax dollars. My assumption is that if FHSU had received that $845,000 it states in the article my taxes would of had to increase for them to get that money. I could me wrong, maybe if they would of given FHSU those dollars they would of taken them from KDOT or someplace else!

  • At what benifit

    I graduated for FHSU 10 years ago and have watched the tuition rates grow and grow. When will the students see some of the kick-back from this added expense? I believe it is time for an audit on how these funds are being allocated. The students might be shocked at what they are paying for.

    • Uncle Thomas

      Excellent… of course the tuition rates have increased…And what about inflation, the debt,…! You must have been an Early Ed. grad.

      • At what benifit

        I believe a professor provided a budget breakdown in the school paper a few years ago illustrating the flow of funds through the university. He caught a lot of grief from the administration but they never issued a statement denying the information’s legitimacy.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Could someone tell me what the article states? I can not see through the smoke and mirrors!

  • Uncle Thomas

    HAYS POST CAN YOU OBTAIN INFORMATION THAT IS UNDERSTANDABLE? WHAT IN THE DICKENS DO THESE PERCENTAGES MEAN? How about we start by where did the money for the windmills come from? A savings can only be calculated when the investment is paid off, then there are operating costs. Tuition, “required fees”, loss of $845k from the state…what does all this mean? My concern is the increase times the total number of credit hours will equal a zillion dollars and the students will be getting the shaft! Is this increase for all credit hours or only a few?
    I don’t understand why children of employees have free tuition at the university and are still eligible for scholarships, grants, etc. There are FHSU employees who brag their kids actually pocket money because they can double dip. Free tuition rights plus scholarship and grant money…doesn’t make since.

  • Uncle Thomas

    The football field is being torn up with new turf to replace…
    The Presidents Blvd. is being torn up along with sidewalks…
    A new building is being built…
    We have a budget crunch?

    • Arthur Doyle

      This is just a convenient extenuation aiding the university to justify raising tuition. A maneuver that was no doubt planned anyway.

      • Uncle Thomas

        Arthur why doesn’t this alarm more citizens/tax payers? Why don’t citizens want the truth? Why don’t more citizens want accountability at every level? Why doesn’t Hays Post respond with a story telling us what the actual dollar amount will be of raising tuition and that it will last for ever…like a sales tax…why?

        • http://hayspost Arthur Doyle

          Valid questions all, sadly the answers elude me. Why indeed?

  • Uncle Thomas

    This is like HMC employees not receiving pay raises! The new addition houses some mighty fine offices for administrators! The doctors parking has landscaping, but the landscaping will be replaced and improved anyway! Yet no raises for those doing the work. How does this impact the customer/patient…we have to listen to the employees stand around and complain! Time to organize and join a union HMC.