Sound OFF: Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration. Did the Supreme Court get it Right?

The Supreme Court has struck down a law requiring proof of citizenship when you register to vote. The decision could impact a Kansas Law.

Should proof of U.S.citizenship be required when you register to vote? Does that discriminate or intimidate people away from voting? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

Justice Antonin Scalia said that the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, which requires states to “accept and use” the simple federal form, replaced more complicated state forms like Arizona’s. And the court said that if the state wanted to add requirements, it had to get permission from the federal Election Assistance Commission set up under the law. If the state was unable to prevail at the commission level, the court said, it could then appeal to the federal courts.

“No matter what procedural hurdles a State’s own form imposes, the Federal Form guarantees that a simple means of registering to vote in federal elections will be available,” Scalia wrote.

Voter ID

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says the state’s proof-of-citizenship requirement for new voters can still be enforced after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against a similar Arizona law.

Kobach says the Kansas law differs enough from Arizona’s version that the high court’s Monday decision doesn’t apply to Kansas.

  • Gus

    The Arizona law was intended to prevent voter fraud. The stupid justices blew it and this really cost Kansas some $$$$ if the state fights it.

  • hmmmmm

    I have no doubt that proof of citizenship should be required to vote. I do not feel that someone who is NOT a citizen and who does not pay taxes should have a say on who we have leading us.


  • Please

    Hays Post should post the Justices Reasoning for the decision, not just Kobach’s reply. For people to make an informed opinion/comment on the subject.

    • Too_much_corporate_ power

      Good luck with that; Eagle’s Hays Post only seems to be interested in spreading pro-Tea Party propaganda. Try viewing this site as entertainment instead of an actual factual news source. The almost-daily Timmy Huelskamp puff pieces are hilarious!

      • Attorney

        As a Democrat, I feel like this site is pretty even. Huelskamp is a dope but he did get elected. I want to sees and hear what he is doing so we cam use it against him. Thanks Hays Post.

      • ZMan

        Actually, I think HP is pretty neutral. A breath of fresh air compared to the HDN. Every time I try to throw the HDN away, it keeps missing left of the trash can.

  • inkslinger

    if both democrats and republications and liberals and any other political parties would quit “trying to out do” each other and also quit belly aching about what each other is doing, and do what America really needs this might be a better “land of the free” and to the party followers JUST STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY IS DOING AMERICA ANY GOOD, i hate to quote Rodney King but CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG. on the state level its the same thing rich get richer and the poor get poorer

  • GOD

    Placing restrictions on voter registration to prevent voter fraud where there has been shown no instances of voter fraud (0.000036%=99 instances of VF/2.75M number of registered voters) seems absurd. What the court is recognizing is that the state is trying to keep certain demographics from registering to vote. In a truly democratic society, all voices should be heard at election time, not just the privileged few with light skin.
    I made all my people to be equal, please treat them that way.

    • Citizen

      Please tell me how this law would keep anyone that is legal to vote from voting.