Police seize $828K from Driver

(AP) — A 78-year-old Arizona man is being held in northeast Kansas after police reported finding $828,000 in cash in his pickup truck.money4-e1293148263329-150x150

Junction City Police Chief Tim Brown says a K-9 unit stopped the westbound truck for a traffic violation around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday on Interstate 70.

Brown says a search turned up some boxes containing the cash in the bed of the pickup. Police seized the money and the truck, which had Colorado tags.

The Tucson man was booked into the Geary County jail on suspicion of speeding and transporting drug proceeds.

  • what a joke

    WoW the cop pulls him over for speeding and finds boxes of money and sees that he has a colorado tag and automaticly asumes it is drug proceeds what a joke!!!! Maybe that was his retirement he’s 78 for crying out loud. Cops need to stop try to be heros and make examples out of people

    • Not a joke

      The stop was made by a K-9 Unit. No doubt there were positive hits on the vehicle and cargo. The officers involved don’t just make seizures for their own enjoyment. Everything from the dog hitting on the load to the packaging to the background checks come into play. The driver’s age has nothing to do with it. Why do you think drug dealers use children, women and old people to run their drugs and proceeds? I’m thankful our law enforcement is out there risking their own safety to slow down the flow of drugs across our state.

      • Free Thinker

        Positive hits are BS! Drug dogs are unreliable and will hit whenever they think their handler wants them to. This was state sanctioned theft!

  • What a Joke, NOT.

    Yes, what a joke. I’m sure that they “automaticly” thought that because of Colorado tags. I’m sure the main motive of the cops is to become heros and make examples of them. I’m sure that their motives are to take someone’s retirement money. Maybe you don’t know what you are talking about. WOW!

  • BB

    A smart man would not be driving around with that kind of money. He probably was a drug pusher.

    • hahahahaha

      Yes, because driving around with your personal “money” is illegal in the USSA! Good bless “freedom” and “liberty”!!!!

    • Frank

      And yet an even smarter man wouldn’t put it in the bank.

  • http://hayspost.com Jr.

    He probably just dug up all his money jars.

    • inkslinger

      i agree you would be surprised how many people here here in hays dont trust banks and have money buried in their yards, hidden in their garages, in coffee cans and such, one man i know lost $38,000 in cash when his garage caught fire, and no he wasent a drug pusher, he was a 89 year old railroad retiree, he would have lost more but some of the money still had one serial number on it so the federal reserve checked it and made it good, took them almost 2 years for him to get the money but he finally did. NOW THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL OF YOU CAN GO DIGGING INTO YARDS AND BREAKING INTO GARAGES, BECAUSE THESE OLD TIMERS WILL I REPEAT WILL SHOOT YOU

  • hahahahaha

    “Papers sir!!!! Papers! Why do you have money? YOU CAN’T HAVE MONEY IN THE USSA!! Don’t worry house and store you were going to buy, we will spend that for you.” Your trusty law enforcement in the “safe” USSA

    • Hamburgler

      When 90% of currency is contaminated with cocain, money will trigger a drug dog everytime, especially that amount.

      Old people are craazzyy, who is to say that isn’t his retirement. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Test

    The worst part about this is that even if he is totally vindicated and found to be completely innocent, he will NEVER get a penny back. That money is in the piggy coffers and will stay there.